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Fort Sumter
April 12, 1861
Confederacy fires on Union fort because they are angered that Lincoln stakes claim on the fort even though it is in South Carolina... Leads to the beginning of the war.
What was the first state to secede the Union?
South Carolina (after the firing on Fort Sumter)
Battle of Bull Run (aka Battle of Manassas)
First major battle of the civil war. Union retreated therefore Confederate victory.
The Moniter vs. the Merrimac
Moniter: union ironclad
Merrimack: Union ship that was taken over by the confederates and covered in iron plates. They renamed it the Virginia.
Forever changed the course of Naval Warfare.
March 9, 1862
Neither ship was damaged
The Battle of Shiloh
April 6, 1862
Lasted two days, 20,000 casulties
Narrow union victory
The Union Defeat at Richmond
Union army tried to conquer Richmond June 1862 in a series of encounters called the "Seven Days Battle"
Robert E. Lee faced off with McClellan (Union) Lee with J.E.B. Stuart let 1200 troops surround the Union army. In doing this the Confederate army was able to drive the Union army back to the James River. They couldn't capture Richmond.
The Battle of Antietam
Single bloodiest day of the war.
Maryland, September 17 1862
23000 dead/wounded
Lee retreated to Virginia.
Union claimed victory, made way for Lincoln to announce Emancipation Proclamation
Emancipation Proclamation
January 1 1863
Slaves would forever be free.
The Battle of Fredericksburg, VA.
December 13 1862
Union armies couldn't defeat Lee and his me who were safely entrenched on hills south of the town
Battle of Chancellorsville, VA
General Hooker tried to lead a raid against General Lee, but Lee beat him to the punch and drove them back. This was another victory for Lee but it was costly. General Stonewall Jackson was one of the battles casualties, when he was accidentally shot by one of the Confederates.
The Battle of Gettysburg:Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
July 1, 1863
Three day battle. First two days, Rebel forces led the attakcs, On the third day, General Robert E. Lee was ready for it to all end so he ordered General George Pickett to lead the raid. Pickett led 14000 men across an open field where they were easily shot. Robert E. Lee was supposed to have said, "
It's all my fault." They retreated to Virginia.
When was the surrender at Vicksburg?
July 4 1863
Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln delivered a two minute speech on November 19 1863..."government of the people, by the people, for the people shall not perish from the earth"...
Total War
Waged by General Sherman who burned and pillaged his way across SAvannah, Georgia in a campaign he called, it the "march to the sea". He wanted the old and young to feel the "hard hand" of war.
Surrender at Appomattox
April 9 1865
Lee surrendered himself and his troops to General Grant of the union army. Terms: South were to lay down their arms and go home.
Jefferson Davis was captured in Georgia on May 10 1865
Who was the lead Confederate General?
Robert E. lee
Who was the lead Union General?
Ulysses S. Grant
What was the total dead?
What was the destruction?
$100,000,000s of dollars