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What is a primary source?
(Skill Lesson 1)
Primary Sources contains words and views of people who were present when an event took place.
What did the Emancipation Proclomation declare?
The Emancipation Proclomation declared that all slaves living in the Confederate states were free.
Chapter 6
Skill Lesson 1
Who wrote the Emancipation Proclomation?
President Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclomation.
What is a secondary source?
Secondary sources contains information written by someone that was not present when the event took place.
What is an abolitionist?
An abolitionist is a person who wanted to end or abolish slavery.
What important events in Florida took place at this time?
Important events in Florida that took place at this time were :

- Florida secedes from the Union,
- Union war ships blockade along our coast and stop the shipment of cotton and supplies,
- the battle of Olustee took place, and
- Florida surrendered to the Union troops.
What did the Union do to stop the shipment of cotton and supplies to the South?
The Union set up a blockade to stop the shipment of cotton and supplies to the South.
How did Florida contribute to the Confederacy during the Civil War?
Florida contributed to the Confederacy during the Civil War by :

- providing soldiers,
- using road to move goods,and
- providing food.