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North after Rev War
South after Rev War
Agriculture-depended on slave labor
Eli Whitney
Cotton Gin
More cotton grown and supplied
larger farms
more slaves needed
Pleasant Family
Freed slaves before it was legal
free and had own school by 1801
Gabriel's Rebellion
slave on Prosser plntation
trained blacksmith
led largest slave uprising
restrictions on slaves tightened after this
William Lloyd Garrison
young white newspaper editor
spread ideas to end slavery in The Liberator Newpaper
Frederick Douglas
escaped from slavery
spoke in north about the cruelty of slavery
speeches encouraged others to abolish slavery
Established North Star Newspaper that ran for 17 years
Fugitive Slave Law
made it illegal to help slaves escape
required all to capture escaped slaves
Missouri Compromise of 1820
maintain a balance between free and slave states
imaginary lkine on lousianna territory. all south were slave states all norht were free states except missouri
southhampton county , va
turner hid in woods for six weeks
finally coiught and hanged in 1831
Nat Turner
led revolt against virginia plantation owners
for two days he and other slaves went from farm to farm killing whites
killed over 60
Harriet Tubman
underground railroad
Compromise of 1850
calif free state
people in utah and new mexico could decide for themselves
any slaves who escaped had to be returned
compromise did not last long
Kansas-Nebraska Act
NO LONGER be an imaginary line
Each new state would decide
KAnsas-voting to decide-people against anf for slavery rushed to state to vote and fights broke out
secession discussed
Dred Scott DEcision
Dred Scot said he should be free b/c his family moved to free state
US supreme court decided that slaves were not citizens and slavery could NOT be foirbidden in US
John Brown
led a raid on us armory at harper's ferry, virginia
he planned to ake and store weapons for slave rebellion
he was captured and hanged
After Abe Lincoln president
some southern states seceeded from union
lincoln strongly oppposed slavery
he vowed to leave slave states alone but new states would be free states
SC seceeded as soon as he was elected by 1861 seven states seceeded
Battle at Fort Sumter
President Lincoln promised not to let Union(Nrht) property be taken away from the confederates(SOuth). Civil war began when the confederates took over fort sumter, south carolins 1861
West Virginia
split decsion in Va
western counties wanted to join union by seceeding
eastern did not
west virginia was a state as of 1863