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The term that means to withdraw from the Union is
People who were opposed to secession were known as
People in Texas and the South who supported slavery argued that
the southern economy depended on slaves
What was an arguement of people who opposed slavery?
Slaves lived under the threat of constant violence.
When the enemy blocks ports so that ships cannot enter or leave.
Leader of the Confederate Army
Robert E Lee
Who was elected president of the Confederate States of America.
Jefferson Davis
People who organized to do away with slavery were known as
Texas farmers began to grow less _____ during the Civil War so they could grow more food.
During the war, Texans were most affected by the fact that
many Texans had family members who were fighting in the war
The Republican elected to the presidency in 1860 was
People who wanted to remain in the Union and work out differences over slavery were
What would someone who supported states'rights say?
I believe that each state should decide whether or not to allow slavery in its state.
The first state to sucede from the Union
South Carolina
Another term for the army that makes up of the states that had seceded from the Union.
Confederate Army
Which battle was the turning point of the Civil War?
The right of states to decide whether or not to follow federal laws is known as
states' rights
Where did General Lee surrender?
What was the bloodiest battle of the Civil War?
What happened to the Texas economy at the end of the Civil War?
The economy faced hardships because so many people had died in the war
The political party whose goal was to stop the spread of slavery and keep it out of the western states was the
Republican Party
Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired?
Fort Sumter
Who had to petition the governemnt to be allowed to stay in Texas?
gree blacks
The North had a population of approximately _____ million at the beginning of the war.
The South had a population of _____ million at the beginning of the Civil War.
This law was very unpopular in Texas because some people could receive exemptions. What law was this?
Draft Law
Another name for the United States during the Civil War was
Name two Confederate officers
Stonewall Jackson
Robert E Lee
Sam Houston was forced to step down as governor of Texas because he
refused to pledge loyalty to the Confederacy