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a novel about the cruelties of slavery
Uncle Tom's Cabin
the act of leaving the union
the nation formed in 1861 by the states that had seceded from the Union
Confederate States of America
a person who wanted to end slavery
an agreement in Congress to draw an imaginary line through the Louisiana Territory, allowing slavery south of the line and forbidding slavery north of the line
Missouri Compromise
an agreement in Congress that resulted in California entering the Union as a free state and the passage of the fugitive law
Compromise of 1850
an act of Congress that opened the territories of Kansas and Nebraska to slavery
Kansas-Nebraska Act
The 1857 Supreme Court decision that said slaves were property and thus, could be taken anywhere
Dred Scott Decision
the first women's rights convention held in America
Seneca Falls Convention
a system of people working together to help runaway slaves reach freedom in the north
underground railroad