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What was life like in the North?
farming main way of life
farms were small
factories and trade big
big cities
immigrant labor
What was the North's view on slavery?
felt slavery was wrong becasue you coudn't own a person
What was life like in the South?
farms were large (cotton, sugar, and tobacco)
the leading citizens were the great plantation owners who owned 100 or more slaves
fewer railroads
less populated
What was the South's view on slavery?
they favored slavery becasue it saved money
What was life like in the West?
large farms (corn and wheat)
mix of north and south culture
What was the Missouri Compromise?
one state would be free, one would be a slave state
What was the Compromise of 1850?
California became a free state, Utah and Nevada could choose
What was the Kansas-Nebraska Act:
Every state could choose to be either slave or free. Violence erupted in Knasas over the issue of slavery and becasme known as Bleeding Kansas.
What is an abolitionist?
a person who fought to end slavery
Name the abolitionist and state what they did.
Harriet Tubman: conductor of the underground railroad
Nat Turner: a former slave who revolted against his owner
John Brown: he wanted slavery to not be spread into new states
Sojourner Truth: fought for equal rights for slaves and woman
Harriet Beach Stowe: wrote a book that told about the evils of slaver
What are the strentghs of the North?
factories produce supplies
had railroads to move solidiers and supplies
more states
more soldiers
more money
more ships for supplies and for a navy
What are the strengths of the South?
soldiers were better trained
betther generals
more men able to fight because the slaves could do the work
fought a defensive war (the north would have to beat the south and take over)
fought on their own land
Emancipation Proclamation
freed the slaves in all states that had left the Union.
made up North's army
made up South's army
free state
a state with noslavery
slave state
a state that permits slavery
to withdraw from an organization or nation
the military would surround the area so taht no people or goods could get in or out.
What were the causes of the civil war?
government: does the gov. have more power than the staes
trade: the norht and south were fighting over trade rights
lifestyle: the two sections couldn't
What were the code words for the underground railroad
conducter: someone who lead slaves to freedom
passenger: an escaping slave
terminals: northern cities
railroad: path to freedom
trains: conductors and passangers
What was the Udnerground Railroad
secret way people who were against a slavery guided runaway slaves to freedom
Which Battle came first
Fort Sumter
April 12 1861
in South Carolina
Confederates won
Started the Civil War
Which battle came second?
Bull Run
July 22, 1861
in Virginia
Confederates won
proved the war would be a long and the south may win
Which battle came third?
River Battles
Spring-Summer 1862
on the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers
Union won
South lost supply lines and New Orleans
Which battle came fourth?
Battle of Antietam
September 1862
in Maryland
No clear winner
South tried to get more supplies
Which battle came fifth?
Battle of Gettysburgh
July 1863
in Pennsylvania
Union won
turning point south will not recover
Which battle came sixth?
Battle of Vicksburg
July 1863
in Mississippi
Union won
the south lost the Mississippi supply line
Which battle came seventh?
Sherman's March
Summer-Winter 1864
Southern states
Sherman captured states and destroyed transportation
Who won the Presidential Election of 1860?
Abe Lincoln
What were the results of the election?
Lincoln won. Lincoln did not win in a single slave state and Breckenridge did not win in any slave state.
Describe Jefferson Davis.
President of Confederate States of America
born 1808 in Ketucky
moved to Mississippi and owned a plantation with slaves
was formally educated at Transylvannia and West Point
Describe Abe Lincoln
President of the United States
born 1809 in Ketucky
mobed to Illinois to get away from slavery
taught himself
assinated for ending slavery
Describe General Lee.
a Confederate general for Virginia
was the best Confederate general
served as an aide to Jefferson Davis
Describe General Grant.
north general
future President
became the best Union general
Describe General McClellan
general for the North
after Bull Run became commander of the Army of the Potomac.
Organized, equipped and trained his soldiers
moved very slowly
he pushed back to Washington by General Lee