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_________ is a peaceful way of protesting against policies.
Non-violent protest
_____ was the mentor to _____.
Gandhi / MLK
The group which introduced the concept of nonviolent protest was:
_________ were civil rights workers traveling on interstate buses to protest segregation at terminals and make certain southern states were allowing passengers their civil rights.
Freedom Riders
The ________ was legistlation that banned discrimintaion in all public places.
Civil Rights Act of 1964
___________s were protest techniques in which African Americans occupied a segregated eating establishment and demanded service.
Why did MLK Jr. choose Birmingham as the site for demonstrations?
1. highly segregated area
2. Bull Connor
_______ stood in the school house door Alabama
George Wallace
George Wallace blocked the entrace of ________ and _______ at Alabama.
Vivian Malone / James Hood
For what real reason did Wallace stand in the school house door?
To gain votes.
_______- refused to give up her seat on a bus in her city.
Rosa Parks
Who said, "The true miracle of the Constitution was not the birth of the Constitution, but its life."
Thurgood Marshall
What happened on Alabama's darkest day?
16th Street Baptist Church bombing
_________, ________, and ______ were convicted of the 16th street bombings.
Bobby Frank Cherry
Thomas Blanton
Robert Chambliss
____ was the year in which MLK Jr. won the Nobel Peace Prize
What year did MLK view was the most important year of the civil rights struggle?
To King the word "wait" almost always meant _______.
Who wrote the phrase "wait" to MLK?
Birmingham ministers
The governor who ordered tropps from the Arkansas NAtional Guard to prevent African American students from entering school was
A. George Wallace
B. Marion Barry
C. E.D. Nixon
D. Orval Faubus
D. Orval Faubus
________ was an African American attorney who was the NAACP's cheif counsel.
Thurgood Marshall
____ set out to eliminate segregation from American society and to encourage African Americans to register to vote.
The first African American justice on the U.S. Supreme Court was ________.
Thurgood Marshall
______ was head of the NAACP in Mississippi who was assassinated.
Medgar Evers
_________ was convicted of assassinating MLK Jr.
James Earl Ray
The location where MLK Jr. was assassinated was ______.
Segregation laws common throughout the South were nicknamed _________ laws.
Jim Crow
In what year was MLK Jr. assassinated?
The federal judge in Alabama who gave the marchers a permit to walk to Montgomery was ________.
Frank M. Johnson