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General - Overall CP
1- What State to Sue in
2- proper Jurisdiction
3- Proper Venue
4- Service of process
5- pleadings
6- Discovery
7- Joinder
8- Motion for pretrial and at trial
9- motions to dismiss
10- appeal
Personal JX
In Personam- over person
In Rem- property located in the state and relates to cause of action
Quasi In Rem- property located in the state but does not relate to the cause of action
In personam JX
1- present in the state while being served, not by fraud
2- domiciled in the state
3- consent (express, implied, contract, general appearance, by appointment of agent)
4- long arm statute
In personam JX- Due process Limit
Minimum Contact Not to offend the traditional notions of fair play and substantial justice
1- purposeful avaliment
2- foreseeable

1- relatedness
2- convenience
3- state interest
SMJ - what federal court; diversity