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What is the difference between Civil and Criminal law
Civil = person vs person
Criminal = state vs person for criminal activity
Purpose of a restraining order
To keep people safe, keep people alive
How long do you have to file a report with the DMV after a car accident
72 hours
How long do you have to notify DMV once you change your address
30 days
Identify four of the seven areas where telecommunicators expose themselves to liability
*Taking changes
*Exercising poor judgement
*Burnout attitude
*Not following agency guidelines/policy
Identify four of six ways telecommunicators can protect themselves and their agency from lawsuit
*Treat every call as serious
*Don't promise
*Follow agency guidelines and protocols
Identify two of the three items in the communications center that can assist in liability protection
*Radio log
*Dispatch cards or CAD
Identify what answer should be given when a caller asks for a way to leave a residence
"Do what is safest for you."
Identify the agency responsibile for serving restraining orders
County Sheriff
Identify three of the four exceptions to existing traffic statues available to operator of an emergency vehicle
*Proceed past a red signal or stop sign.
*Exceed the designated speed limits
*Park or stand in a disregard of a statue, regulation or ordinance prohibiting that parking or standing
What amount of damage are you mandated to file a accident report with the DMV?