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How did Thoreau feel about slavery?
Thoreau was vehemently opposed to slavery.
Why was Thoreau incarcerated?
He hadn’t paid his taxes.
How did Thoreau feel about the Mexican War?
Thoreau feels that this war is unjustified since it is being fought to further the spread of slavery.
Thoreau states that he came to this world to make it a good place to live in.
How does Thoreau encourage people to act if they disagree with a law?
Thoreau tells people to immediately disobey any law that they feel is unjust, and to withdraw their support from the government which withholds the law.
Thoreau says that he avoids thinking about that?
A. work
B. the government
C. nature
D. school
B. the government
How does Thoreau feel about the voting process?
Thoreau is skeptical about voting because he believes that it is like a game, since voting for what you believe in isn’t really doing anything to support it, only leaving the issue to the majority’s decision.
Which of these is more important: the individual or the government?
the individual
Describe Thoreau’s utopian government.
Thoreau’s ideal government is one that governs least, or not at all. This government should “command the respect” of its citizens, and allow space for political change and reform.
How long did Thoreau spend in jail?
one night
What should the citizen never give up to the legislator?
his/her conscience
Which of the following, according to Thoreau, is a citizen’s obligation?
A. to vote
B. to work
C. to campaign for office
D. to do what one thinks right
D. to do what one thinks right
If the government imprisons unjustly, where is the true place for a just man?
a prison
What does Thoreau claim comes between people and their virtues?
Money, as it eliminates deep philosophical questions and encourages superfluous materialism.
Thoreau admits that some people may be unable to disobey the government, though they may want to. Why is this?
Some people may have families to support and be unable to fully sever themselves from the government’s protection.
When Thoreau recognizes the state’s weakness, he compares it to a timid old woman with her what?
A. cats
B. grandchildren
C. pies
D. spoons
C. spoons
What was Thoreau’s cellmate accused of?
The man was accused of burning a barn.
During his night in the prison, Thoreau is able to see what in a new light?
the town around him
When was Thoreau released from prison? Why?
He was released after one day because someone, presumably his aunt, paid the tax for him.
What was Thoreau doing when he was “arrested”?
He was going to the cobbler’s to repair a shoe.
Thoreau claims that it costs him less to disobey the State and endure its penalty than it does to obey.
Thoreau recognizes that, though he may try to appeal to people, he can’t expect to change their true _____.
Though Thoreau proposes many criticism of his government, what does he also admit about it?
Thoreau admits that the government, with all of its faults, isn’t very bad overall.
What is the other title of “Civil Disobedience”?
“Resistance to Civil Government”
Thoreau states that the government can never improve until it recognizes what about the individual.
The government must recognize the individual as a “higher and independent” power from which all of its power is derived.
According to “Civil Disobedience,” what should you do if you disagreed with the school dress code?
You should disobey the dress code.
What does Thoreau call the American government?
A. a tradition
B. a useless fallacy
C. an effective system
D. a tin can
A. a tradition
Since he called the Constitution “evil,” Thoreau was an anarchist.
What does Thoreau mean by “sitting upon another man’s shoulders”?
Thoreau is saying that society is built in such a way that some people are always oppressed and exploited, and that this must end before we can accomplish anything.
What does Thoreau compare the government to?
a machine