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The type of government currently practiced in the United States
representative democracy
the document which lists the reasons the American colonists wanted to break away from England and be a free country
declaration of independence
the name of the united states' first written plan of government
articles of confederation
The united states written plan of government is?
The Constitution
The type of government where the powers of government are divided between the national, state, and local levels?
The type of government in which the people elect representatives to the government?
representative democracy
The famous US document that states .. "all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?"
Declaration of Independence
The type of government where one leader has total power and they gain their position of power by birth into a royal family?
The type of government where one leader has total power and they gain their position of power illegally, often by force?
The type of government where a small group of people rule?
Type of government where all people vote for evry government change?
Direct Democracy
Who natural rights philosophy influenced the establishment of democracy in America?
John Locke
Who people was president at the constitutional convention?
Gorge Washington
What happened during the Constitutional Convention?
The Constitution was written to replace Article of Confederation?
What are the purposes of government in the us?
To protect the country, provide justices and peoples' rights, etc
The head of the House of Representatives is called?
Speaker of the House
The government official that signs a bill into law is?
The President
The house of representatives and senate together are known as the?
A bill that is passed and signed by the president is called a what?
Each state is represented by _____ us senators.
The Presidential refusal to sign a bill into law is called what?
The discussion by legislators in congress to support or oppose a bill is called?
The US house of representatives serve how many years in one term of office?
_____ is a tactic used in the senate to delay a vote on a bill.
Which of the following is a power of the Judicial system?
Judicial Review which is to declare laws unconstitutional
what is the first step in the process of lawmaking in congress?
a member of congress writes and introduces the bill
Know the steps in making a bill!
Look at hand out
what is the term for the area of a state that a representative represents
what is the term for a proposal of a new law
The US voting system used to elect the president of the us is called what?
Electoral College
which of the following are the constitutional qualifications for a us president
35 years old, 14 years citizenship, native born
official title of the head of an executive cabinet department
executive department in charge of americas natural resources, parks, and wildlife
the term which describes a government official being removed from office due to misconduct
What office is next in line according to presidential succession: president, vice president, _____
speaker of the house
executive department in charge of the nation's military
the maximum number terms that one person can serve as us president
the president serves _____ years in one term of office
role of the president to direct the military. Chief (of)-
commander in chief
role of the president to manage the white house and the day to day presidential duties. Chief (of)-
The role of the president to be the ceremonial head of the country? chief (of)-
Chief of State
impeach government officials
executive department in charge of the nation's highways and airways
executive department in charge of collecting taxes and printing money
executive department in charge of foreign relations with other countries
what is some of the functions of the legislative branch?
pass laws, impeachment, approve presidental appointments
US supreme court justices
are aproved for life by congress appointed by the president
the highest federal court in the us that mainly hears cases involving constitutional issues
supreme court
the lowest state court in our local area that hears misdemeanors and smaller lawsuits
the county court which hears felonies and larger lawsuits
a type of law involving a person's rights and freedoms
a type of law involving the breaking of rules of society and their punishments
a type of law involving the disputes that lead to lawsuits
title of the head of the us supreme court
chief justice
a term for a minor crime such as shoplifting
To win a supreme court case how many votes must you to get?
More than 1/2 : 5 0f the 9 judges
The number of justices that must agree to hear a Supreme Court for it to be heard is?
What is a power that is used by the michigan governor?
veto, sign laws, pardon, etc...
protection from excessive bail and cruel and unusual punishment is found in what Amendment?
the 18th amendment did what?
Protection from unreasonable searches and seizures is found in what Amendment?
The right to a fair and speedy trial and the right for the accused to have an attorney is found in what Amendment?
Prohibits the quartering of troops in homes during peacetime is found in what Amendment?
the right to a jury trial in civil cases is found in what Amendment?
guarantees religious and political freedoms is found in what Amendment?
The rights of accused persons are protected in what Amendment?
The guarantees that powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states is found in what Amendment?
The right to bear arms is found in what Amendment?
According to what amendment can police enter your home or car and search without a warrant if they see something illegal
4th amendment
What Amendment states executions are constitutional as long as the form of punishment is not cruel or unusual
According to what Amendment discrimination against citizens is illegal because all citizens must be treated equally under the law
What amendment banned the manufacturing, distribution, and consumption of alcohol?