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1. War of 1812
D. Madison
6. The Hamilton Plan consists of:
B. Tax of foreign imports, 1st US bank, and taking debts on to pay them at face value.
12. What made the Louisiana Purchase such a bargain?
D. the resource richness of the land in terms of transportation, agricultural, and mining potential
5. XYZ affair, Alien & Sedition Acts
B. Adams
10. Who were the midnight judges?
B. People appointed into Federal Judgeships by John Adams at the last minute because they were Federalist.
9. The alien and sedition acts were about:
D. How long it would take to become a citizen and how one would no longer be allowed to crticize government.
7. These two political parties began during Washington's terms as President:
C. Federalist and Democratic Republican
3. Nullification Crisis, Killing Bank
E. Jackson
8. The two original political parties started from disagreement about:
A. Authority of the federal government and strict vs. loose interpretation of the new constitution.
20. Calhoun trying to get South Carolina to disovey federal law was called the:
C. Nullification Crisis
14. In the War of 1812
E. All of the Above
13. What was Macon's Bill #3?
B. A silly international...
15. The Era of Good Feeling was called this because:
D. All of the Above
4. Hamilton Plan, Political parties start
A. Washington
17. The "Adams Plan" was about:
B. Furthering the fine arts, thus creating a u.s. civilation by having the government fund arts
16. The Monroe Doctrine was about:
C. The U.S. having exclusive influence over the entirety of the Americans

18. Andrew Jackson got most of his wealth from:
A. Driving out and/or killing Native Americans, then selling their land back to settlers and the govt.
19. The election of 1828 was so different because:
D. All of the above
2. Embargo Act, Barbary Pirates
C. Jefferson
11. What was the Embargo Act?
A. Jefforson's attempt to get an alliance with Napoloeon by not trading with France.