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civil rights
the rights of the citizen
unfair and less equal treatment of a particular group
affirmative action
programs to help minority groups and women gain access to jobs and opportunities
separation of people b/c of race or ethnic religion
things we are required to do
obligations people fulfill voluntarily
respect and acceptanceof people of a different race, religion, or lifestyle (diversity)
a group of people who share the same interests and concerns
pertaining to the people in a community, or for the use of all
the people who are eligible to vote in an election
literacy test
a test to prove that the voter can read and write and understand public values
lack of interest
meeting of political party members to conduct party business
primary elections
an election in which party memebers choose candidates to run for office
techniques used to promote a particular person or idea

going through neighborhoods asking for votes or taking public opinion polls
Political Action Committee
organization organized to established to raise money to support an issue or candidate
polling place
a place where votes are cast
popular vote
votes cast directly by the people
electoral vote
votes cast by members or the elctoral college
proceedure by which citizens can propose laws through use of a petition

(from people to legislature)
petition asking for new law
an election in which voters can approve or reject a local or state law (legislature to the people)
an election in which voters can remove a public official from office
public opinion
the attitudes of a large group of people on a particular issue or person
mass media
sources of news information that are widely distributed, including television, radio, newspapers, and magazines
interest group
(want your vote)
people w/ similar point of view who work together to promote that point of view
What are four duties of american citizens?
obey laws
pay taxes
defend the nation
serve in court
attend school
What are the responsibilities of american citizens?
be informed and vote
participate in community & gov't
respect rights and property of others
respect different opinions and ways of life
What responsibilites do citizens have in preparing to vote?
registering, being informed about candidates and issues involved in elections
Who votes in a typical presidential election and what are three reasons why some people do not vote?
electorates, usually 50% of population don't vote b/c not allowed, recently moved, ill, away from home, forget, too complicated to register, APATHY
What factors are important in affecting public opinion?
age, gender, income, hobbies, race, religion, occupation, economic situation, mass media, public officials and interest groups