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List the 3 types of political party systems found in the world.
1. 2-party system
2. 1-party system
3. multi-party
List the 2 types of primary elections.
1. closed primary
2. open primary
List the 3 different ways that candidates can be nominatied for office.
1. caucus
2. primary elections
3. nominating convention
List the 3 political party eras in US history, the dominant party, and the years.
1. 1800-1860: Democrat
2. 1865-1931: Republican
3. 1932-2000: Democrat
List the 7 propaganda techniques used by interest groups and candidates.
1. glittering generalities
2. just plain folks
3. symbols
4. bandwagon
5. endorsements
6. name calling
7. stacked cards
List the 3 levels of political party organizations in the US.
1. local
2. state
3. national
How many electors are in the Electoral College?
How many electors did NC have in the 2004 elections?
List the 5 types of interest groups.
1. Economic Interest
2. Worker's Interest
3. Environmental
4. Citizen's Rights
5. Professional Association
List the 6 ways that voting is restricted or regulated.
1. Must be 18 years or older
2. Must be a US citizen
3. Must have lived in state for specified amount of time
4. Must be registerred and meet other requirements.
5. Most convicted felons cannot vote.
6. Can't vote if you are an inmate in a mental institution.
What were the names of the first 2 political parties in the US?
1. Federalist
2. Democrat-Republican
List the 5 characteristics that most influence a person's political position.
1. Age
2. Sex
3. Urban or suburban dweller
4. Region where you live
5. Race
List 2 types of special elections.
1. Re-call
2. Runoff
List the 2 parties created when the Democratic-Republican party splintered in the 1820's.
1. Whig
2. Democratic
List 3 reasons that voters are required to register to vote.
1. make sure a person only votes once
2. ensures they meet all requirements
3. assigns them to a specific polling place
List 2 ways that southern states made it difficult for blacks to vote prior to 1965.
1. poll tax
2. literacy test
If there is a tie in the Electoral College, who chooses the President?
House of Representatives
List the 4 ways lobbyists do their jobs.
1. ask to organize interest groups
2. initiate court actions to law makers
3. inform law makers with info on their cause
4. entertain law makers with dinners, vacations, and gifts
List 2 reasons that voters do not vote.
1. apathy
2. voter registration
How many electors does a presidential candidate need to become president?
List 3 examples of Citizens Rights interest groups.
List 3 examples of Political Action Committes (or PACs).
1. National Rifler Association
2. AT&T Corporation
3. American Medical Association
What is the most common type of political party system in the world?
List the 2 types of funding used to finance election campaigns.
1. public funding
2. private funding
What percentage of elected offices are held by either a Democrat or a Republican?
Which Article of the Constitution describes political parties and their powers?
none of them
What percentage of incumbents win re-election?
Approximately what percentage of the electorate votes in a typical presidential election?
Radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet combine to form what?
mass media
List the 5 basic functions of political parties in the US.
1. select and support their candidates
2. inform public on issues and other candidates
3. take the message of the people to the govt
4. serve as a watchdog over govt actions by other parties
5. serve as a link between local, state, and national levels of govtfor their party
List the 2 primary parts of the Feteral Regulation of Lobbying Acts.
1. Full time lobbyists to register if lobbying at federal level
2. must reveal how and where their money is spent
List 3 weaknesses or problems with the Federal Regulation of Lobbying Act.
1. only applies to lobbyists and federal level
2. only applies to full time lobbyists
3. no way to enforce it
List the 3 ways that the media's news stories influence public opinion.
1. way they present the story
2. amount of coverage it gets
3. types of stories emphasized
List the 2 ways to measure public opinion.
1. public opinion polls
2. election results
Primary elections are usually held in the month of _________ and the general election in the month of _________.
April, November