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How Often Is The Census Taken?
Every 10 Years
Who Controls The Judicial Branch?
The Supreme Court
Who Serves As President Of The Senate?
The Vice-President
New Jersey vs. TLO Was The Sup. Court Case We Examined Dealing With Amendment 4. What Does This Amendment Protect Americans Against?
Unreasonable Search And Seizure
What Amendments Make Up The Bill Of Rights?
The First 10
How Many Times Has The Constitution Been Amended?
Who Is The President Of The United States?
George W. Bush Jr.
What Happens To A Bill After The President Vetos It?
(Is It Totally Dead?)
It Goes Back To Congress And Can Be Passed With 2/3 Majority Vote In Each House
Who Controls The Executive Branch?
The President
If The President Passes Away Who Is Sworn In To Replace Him/Her?
The Vice-President
What Is The Term Length For A Senator?
6 Years
What Is The Term Length Of The Vice-President?
4 Years
What Is The Term Length Of The President?
4 Years
Who Is The Commander In Chief Of The Military?
The President
By Law, Congress MUST Meet How Often?
Once A Year
Who Is The Current Governor Of Texas?
Rick Perry
Who Controls The Legislative Branch?
Who Must Approve All Treaties And Appointments Made By The President?
(Congress Is Acceptable)
The Number Of Electors Each State Is Entitled To Is Determined By What?
Adding The Number Of Senators And Representatives The State Has
What Is The Minimum Age One Has To Be To Become A Senator?
What Is The Minimum Age One Has To Be To Become President?
What Is The President's Current Yearly Salary ?
What Is The Minimum Age One Has To Be To Become A Representative?
How Is The Number Of Representatives Each State Gets Determined?
Each State Is Entitled To How Many Senators?