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Common Law
-Basic citizen rights are protected
-No one is exempt from the law
-People have a voice in their government
Fundamental Principles of Democracy
-Representation in government
-Rule of law
-Government by the consent of the governed
Popular Sovereignty
government by the consent of the governed
Virginia Declaration of Rights
basis for the Bill of Rights
Charters of the Virginia Company of London
outlined the rights guaranteed to colonists as Englishmen
Purpose for writing the Declaration of Independence
to establish inalienable rights of colonists
a balance of powers between the federal and state governments
introduction to the US Constitution explaining why it was written
In what century did the United States experience the most growth due to immigration?
20th century
In what two ways can a person become a citizen of the United States?
-by birth
What is the purpose of the 14th amendment?
Protects citizens against unfair actions by the state government
What is the purpose of the 1st admendment?
Gives citizens the basic rights: freedom of speech, religion, petition, assembly, and press
List some Civic Duties citizens are required to perform:
-serve in the armed forces if called
-obey the laws
-pay taxes
-serve on a jury or be a witness in court if called
What is the difference between a duty and a responsibility?
A duty is an obligation you are required to fulfill and if you do not complete them you could face consequences...a responsibility is something you choose to do
List some traits of good citizenship that people can perform
-self reliance
What is the main function of a political party?
Nominate a candidate for office
What do candidates use advertising for?
Influence voters
What type of political system does the US have?
Two party system
What is the purpose of third parties?
ARise on occation to bring new ideans and issues to the political arena
Whalt impact does the Media have on an election?
-identify candidates
-help people make informed decisions
-broadcast different points of view
What is campaign finance reform?
An effort to limit the amount of money that can be contributed to politicians
What are the qualifications to vote in Virginia?
-Be a US citizen
-Be a resident of VA
-Be 18 by the next election
-Had voting rights restored if convicted of a felony
-Had capacity restored if declared mentally incapacitated by Circuit Court
What factor is considered the most likely to influence people in making the decision to vote?
What is the function of the Electoral College?
to cast ballots to select the president and vice-president of the US
What are reserved powers?
Powers given to the states by the Constitution
What is the purpose of the Legislative Branch?
to make the laws
What are the responsibilities of the Executive Branch?
-grant pardon
-appoint cabinet members
What type of power is caused by having checks and balances at all levels of government?
Limited Power
What steps are need to amend the US Constitution?
Congress proposes...states ratify
What does bicameral mean?
Having two houses: in the US the House of Representatives and the Senate
What is the role of Interest Groups in regards to legislation?
give input of to sponsors so bills will reflect their interests
In what document are the executive powers outlined for the Commonwealth of Virginia?
Virginia Constitution
What are Interest Groups?
an organization of people with common interests who try to influence government policies and decisions
How do individuals influence public policy?
Voting and campaigning
Expressing opinions
Joins interest groupos
What court in the Virginia court system has a jury?
VA Circuit court
What types of cases are heard by Circuit courts?
mainly felonies/civil crimes valued over $1000
Why is Marbury v. Madison a landmark case?
Established Judicial Review
Virginia state laws must conform and align with which two documents?
Virginia constitution and the US Constitution
After being arrested, what is the next step in a criminal case?
The person may be committed to jail/released on bail
Felony crimes are part of which court system?
Criminal Court
What are three types of sentences for juveniles who commit crimes?
-ward of state
-sent to a special school/reformatory
What is due process?
protection of rights against unfair governmental actions and laws
What is the Supreme law of the Land?
US Constitution
what are the fist ten amendments to the Constitution commonly called?
The Bill of Rights