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Eight Admendment
Forbids excessive bail.
protects a convicted person of having to pay excessive fines.
Ninth Amendment
American people have unspoken rights not just the ones listed in the Constitution.
Tenth Amendment
Any powers that the Constitution does not specifically give to the National Government are automatically given to the states or for the people.
Describe the the basic two-step pocess about how an amendment can be added to our U.S. Constitution. Include the math.
Fifth Amendment
Protects the right of people accused of a crime. * No one can be put on trial without first being indicted. *also protects against double jeopardy. right to remain silent. *cannot be denied life, liberty, or property without due process of law. *limits the government's power of eminent domain (taking ones property for government use.)
Sixth Amendment
Additional rights to people accused of crimes. *must be told exact charges against them. *must have trial by jury.
*trial must be speedy, public, and have an impartial jury.*accused must have the right to hear and question witnesses against them. *be able to call their own witnesses *entitled to a lawyer.
What kind of government do we have in the United States?
(long 3 sentence answer)
We have a democratic government, which means that citizens hold the power to rule & to make the laws. The citizens elect representatives to govern on their behalf. The representatives are called the government and do the work, but the citizens still are the final source of authority.
What is the name of the document that sets up our government? What are the three parts to it?
The Constitution sets up our government. The three parts to the Constitution are the Preamble, the Articles, and the Ammendments.
What are the two things that you need to remember about the Preamble?
What Article number paints the picture of the Legislative Branch of the United States? The Executive Branch? The Judicial Branch?
Aricle I tells how the Legislative Branch will be laid out. Article II tells how the Executive Branch will run. Aricle III tells who the Judicial Branch will run.
In general, what do the aMENDments do to our U.S. Constitution?
They change or add to the original Articles in the Constitution. They give the citizens a chance to change or add something that might be important now even if it wasn't when the Constitution was first written.
How many amendments are there total?
What are the first ten amendments called?
The Bill of Rights. They discribe the powers and rights of the Amereican citizens.
First Amendment
Protects five basic freedoms such as freedom of speech.
Second Amendment
the right to serve in a state militia and to bear arms
Third Amendment
Limits the power of the national government to force Americans to quarter, or house, soldiers.
Fourth Amendment
Protects Americans against unreasonable searches and seizures.
Seventh Amendment
guarantees the right to a jury trial in civil cases if amount of money involved is more thatn $20.