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trandfering files from a network to your computer
downloading files illegally without paying
intellectual poperty
any idea that you have created and own
a filesharing network that once was illegal
P2P Network
peer to peer fle sharing network
U.S. Copyright law
copyright law that gives anyone who creates something certain rights over is uses
public domain
file in the public domain is legal for anyone to obtain it
Fair Use Doctrine
allows the public to use a work under certain circumstances without permission of the copyright owner
1998 Digital Millenium copyright Act
it is illegal to circumvent anti-piracy measures or to create software that allows such activity
money that the artists get from their company for every album or song sold
monitors file sharing
Recording Idustries Association of America
IP adresses
thing on computer thatmonitors what you have downloaded on your computer
2005 MGM Studios v. Grokster
"one who distributes a device with the object of promoting its use to infringe is liable"
1984 Sony v. Universal Studios
companies can not be heldliable for simply making copying technoogy available