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First successful colony in America.
Virginia House of Burgesses
The Colonists would have a choice when picking people to make laws for them. Each settlement elected 2 people. They had to be at least 17 years old and own land.
Mayflower Compact
A set of laws or Governing Authority to establish law and order for the people to work together.
He explored the East Coast of America
Sir Walter Raleigh
He sponsored an English Colony in the New World known as present day North Carolina
Virginia Dare
The first English baby born in the new land.
Middle Passage
The crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America by slaves. They were shackled, and packed side by side. Many died conditions were so bad. They were considered property to be sold upon arrival in America.
Triangular Trade Route
This route was used for Goods that were made in America, shipped to Europe and sold in the Carribean Islands.