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Inferior Courts
courts of lower authority
Criminal Cases
Cases in which juries decide whether people have committed crimes
Civil Cases
Cases in which two sides disagree over some issue
Complaint the first person makes to the court
the authority to hear and decide a case
A court order requiring someone to appear in court
District Court
federal courts where trials are held and lawsuits begun
Court of Appeals
the court above the district courts
issues court orders and hears the preliminary evidence in a case to determine whether the case should be brought to trial
Return the case to a lower court for a new trial
Judicial Review
the court can review any federal or state law to see if it is in agreement with the Constitution
in conflict with the Constitution
a written argument that an attorney has prepared
the court calender
Writ of Certiorari
"to make more certain" directs a lower court to send its records on a case to the Supreme Court to review
Majority Opinion
A statement explaining the majority view in a case in which the justicies are dividing
Dissenting Opinion
written statement of the judge that disagrees with the majority