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Issues challenges busing student in the district

Districts may bus student to other districts to other districts to end the pattern of all Black or all white school
Korenatsa v u.s
Japanese American sued US Gor’t for interment camps during WWLL

Decision so sided with the us and up held the ex classic order in time of war as part of the necessary an proper clause during war time
In 1983 decision was over turned
In re goult
Gare juvenile the right of the 14 amendment all amendment are for all people
New jersey v V.T.L.O
Admin do not need 4th amend but probable
Abington sid v shempp
Establishment clause 1st amendment

No state shall andorse or establishes religion
Engle v vitale
School started each day out with a time for prayer

Public school’s practice of starting the day with prayer violated the establishment claue of the 1st amendment
Schenck v us
Dealt with limits of freedom of speech during war time

Established the clear and present danger princliple
Dartmouth v Woodard
Staes cannot create a law that is in conflict with one existing contract with the state