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Where in the Constitution do we find information about Congress?
Article 1
How did the Great Compromise settle the question of representation?
It established Congress as a two-part/bicameral body
Define bicameral:
two-part body
How long is the office term for a Representative?
Two years
How many members are in the House of Representatives?
435 members
What determines the number of Representatives a state has?
The population
What role does the census play in determining representation?
It takes the population of each state then the number of representatives are determined
What is a congressional district?
one of a fixed number of districts into which a state is divided, each district electing one member to the national House of Representatives
Define gerrymandering:
an oddly shaped district designed to increase the voting population of a particular group
Define constituents:
people represented by the congressional district
How long is a senator's term in office?
6 years
How many senators are there?
100(2 from each state)
How does the way the Senator is elected differ from the way we elect representatives?
We elect representatives per district and senators are elected to represent the state
How is the speaker of the house chosen?
Members of the majority party choose the speaker
What is the job of the speaker of the house?
The speaker steers legislation through the house and leads the floor on debates
What is the job of party whips?
They make sure legislatures are present for key votes
What is the goal of the floor leaders?
To sway voes, push bills along, and speak on issues for their particular party
What is a standing committee?
a permanent committee
What is a select committee?
a committee that deals with security, ethics, intelligence, etc..
What are expressed powers(also called enumerated or delegated)? Give an example?
Expressed powers are powers that congress has that are specifically listed in the Constitution. An example of this would be in Article 1, Section 8, Clause 12 in the Constitution
What are implied powers?
Powers that Congress has but are not stated explicitly in the Constitution
List the non-legislative powers that belong to Congress:
List the legislative powers that belong to Congress:
2.Regulatory commerance
3.Foreign relations and treaties
Name 3 ways the power of Congress is limited:
1.Bill of attainder
2.Expost Facto Laws
3.Want of Habeas Corpus
What are the legal qualifications for members of Congress?
senator-30 years old, must live in the state, citizen for at least 9 years

House of Rep.- 25 years old, must live in state, citizen for at least 7 years
What is the annual salary of a member of Congress?
What is the job of a committee staff member?
To have knowledge on specific topics
List 2 support services and describe their jobs:
1.Liberty of Congress-has every bible in U.S.
2.The General Accounts office-investigate own of congress in federal issues
What are 3 jobs members of Congress preform?
Helping districts
Define Casework:
They act as trouble shooter for people from their district/state who must request help in dealing with federal government
what happens once a bill reaches the committee? (as in, what options does the committee have as far as what do to do with the bill)
1.Pass the bill
2.Mark-up the bill with changes
3.replace the bill with a new bill
If the bill is kept, what happens to it in the next step?
Ready to be added to the Constitution when the HOR or Senate discusses the pros and cons
What is a cloture?
no one may speak for more than one hour