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creates foreign policys
sets up embassies
protects rights of Americans
issues passports/visas
Department of State
collects, spends, and borrows money
IRS, Customs service, Bureau of the Mint, Secret Service
Department of Treasury
oversees the military
largest department
secretaries must be civilians
Dept. of War
Department of Defense
represents govt. in court
investigates federal crimes
Attorney general, FBI,and INS(Immigration)
Only dept. with out secretary
Department of Justice
management and conservation of resources and public land
National part svc., fish and wildlife svc., and Bureau of Indian Aff.
Department of Interior
serves farmers and consumers
Agriculture, FHA, USDA, Food/Nutrition Svc. Soil Conservation
Department of Agriculture
supervises international trade and promotes tourism
Department of Commerce
enforces fair labor practices
Department of Labor
rebuilds cities
Department of Housing and Urban development
Department of Transportation
Coast Guard, Federal Aviationg Admin., National Highway Safety
overall energy policy of the nation
Nuclear Power
Department of Energy
distributes federal money
bilingual education
Department of Education