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To be an America
Someone who has entered the country and they weren't supposed to
illegal alien
An American by birth
natural born citizen
Countryside/low population
A king or queen with no power
constitutional monarchy
a fixed number of immigrants allowed into a country
allowing anyone who wants to immigrate into America in
open door policy
City/ high population
The culture of a community is based on
social makeup
The Stamp Act
tax on paper
British started taxing the colonies heavily because
The French and Indian War
King George III
Absolute monarch
Primary author of the Declaration of Independence
Thomas Jefferson
Group that appointed the committee who wrote the Declaration of Independence
2nd Continental Congress
Member of the committee of % who wrote the Declaration of Independence
Ben Franklin
Thomas Jefferson
John Adams
British punished Boston for the Tea Party with the
Intolerable Acts
The primary influence on the Declaration of Independence
John Locke
While portesting in front of the Boston Custom House, colonists were fired on by British Troops at
The Boston Massacre
Only person to sign the Declaration fo Independence on the 4th of July
John Hancock
1st shots of the Revolution were fired at
Lexington & Concord
What is government
the authority that rules on the behalf of the people
people rule and vote
ruler with absolute power
Absolute monarch
King or Queen with absolute power
Constitutional Monarch
King or Queen with no political power