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What?-Battle Between Napoleon and Rest of Europe, where he is defeated.
Sig?-Ended Napoleons world conquest.
James Watt-1769
What?-Invented Steam Engine
Sig?-Revolutionized the Industrial Revolution.
What?-A new means of communicating quickly over long distances.
Sig?-Revolutionized communications between far away countries.
Adamn Smith and the Wealth of Nations-1776
What?-Philosopher that came up with the "Invisible Hand" theory. Law of supply and demand will regulate.
Sig?-Provided Economic Platform for other countries.
Treaty of Kangawa-1854
What?-Commadore Perry of U.S. sails of coast of Japan on steamship and forces Japan to sign a favorable trade agreement with the U.S.
Sig?-Sparks civil war in Japan and reveals its weakness.
Meiji Restoration-1868
What?- Two provincial areas, Satsuma and Choshue, create new Japanese government that is open to western Ideas. (Railroad-telegraph)
Sig?-Japan can catch up with the rest of the world.
Berlin Conference-1884-1885
What?-Conference that decided how to split up Africa.
Sig?-Changed the way colonization works. Now have to physically occupy.
Battle of Omdurman-1898
What?- Sudaneese militia is wiped out by British Forces.
Sig?-Proves to Africans that they can't resist mondern military technology.
Platte Amendment-1901
What?-Cuba signs aggreement saying U.S. can step in at any time to maintain stability.
Sig?- U.S used to create economic dependence out of Cuba.
Free Trade Imperialism-1900
What?-A non-military way of gaining an empire.
Sig?-Allowed U.S to control vast latin American Empire.