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When was the the first land use zoning restriction passed, who passed it, and what did it regulate?
In 1867 San Francisco regulated the location of obnoxious uses
Where was the first local civic center plan in the U.S. created, when, and who was involved?
Daniel Burnham, John Carrere, and Arnold Brunner were responsible for the development of Cleveland's 1903 plan.
In 1906, what major American city was the first to apply the City Beautiful principles, and whose plan did they use?
San Francisco, using a plan developed by Daniel Burnham.
When was the first town planning board created and where?
Hartford, Connecticut in 1907.
Who created the first metropolitan regional plan for Chicago and when?
Daniel Burnham in 1909.
What state was the first state to introduce statewide zoning and when?
Hawaii in 1968.
When was the Standard City Planning Enabling Act released and by whom?
In 1928, the U.S. Department of Commerce, under Secretary Herbert Hoover.
What was the first major U.S. city to adopt a comprehensive plan, when, and who shaped the plan?
1925, the City of Cincinnati, the plan was produced by Alfred Bettman and Ladislas Segoe.
When was the Standard State Zoning Enabling Act issued and by whom?
In 1924, Secretary Herbert Hoover, of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
Who formed the first regional planning commission and when?
Los Angeles County, 1922
What city adopted the first comprehensive zoning code, when, and who wrote it?
1916, New York City, written by Edward Bassett.
What city hired the first full-time employee for a city planning commission and when?
In 1914, Newark NJ hired Harland Bartholomew who went on to become one of the most famous planning consultants.
In what year was enabling legislation first passed by a state and which state passed it?
1909, Wisconsin
What was the first city to use land use zoning to guide development and when?
Los Angeles in 1909
When was the first federally supported public housing constructed and where?
1934 in Cleveland, although Atlanta's was the first to be occupied.