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The set of records that results from running query
Record set
An example of the information you are requesting from Access in a query
A set of values that Access enforces to maintain consistency between related tables when you update data in a database. Also, the integrity constraint specifying that each nonnull foreign key value must match a primary key value in the related table.
Referential Integrity
A relationship between two tables in which each record in the primary table matches zero, one, or many records in the related table, and in which each record in the related table matches at most one record in the primary table.
One-to-many relationship
Referential integrity rule that permits a change in value to the primary key and changes the appropriate foreign key values in a related table
Cascade update
A referential integrity rule that permits a record in the primary table to be deleted and also deletes all records in related tables that have matching foreign key values.
Cascade delete
The field used to determine the order of records in a datasheet form, or other object.
Sort field
Sort field whose value is different for each record
Unique sort field
A sort field for which more than one record can have the same value.
Non unique sort field
A statement containing a combination of database fields, constants, and operators that you define in a query to perform a calculation
A field that displays the results of an expression in a query datasheet or a form or report, but does not exist as a field in the database.
Calculated field
Is a report based on two tables, the set of field values displayed for each field in the related table.
Detail record