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(3) Requirements of Security Management Program
Availability, Integrity, and Confidentiality
Assurance that a computer system is accessible by authorized users is ...
Availability (one of 3 Requirements of Security Management Program)
(2) Facets of Availability
1) Denial-of-service 2) Los of dta processing capabilities due to natural disaster or human actions
Refers to user or intruder actions that tie up computing services in a way that renders system unusable ...
What are (3) types of controls used to maintain "Availability"
1) Physical
2) Technical
3) Administrative
What are some typical Physical Controls to maintain "Availability"
1) Prevent unauthorized people
2) Fire protection
3) Temperature controls
4) etc ...
What are some typical Technical Controls to maintain "Availability"
1) Fault tolerance (mirror drives, etc)
2) Backups
3) Access Controls to prevent unauthorized users
What are some typical Administrative Controls to maintain "Availability"
1) Access control "Policies"
2) Operating Procedures
3) Contingency Planning (DR)
4) Training
What are some common denial-of-service methods of disrupting "Availability"
1) Computer Viruses
2) Trojan Horses
3) Logic Bombs
Aspects of a "Trustworthy System"
Security (Availability, Integrity, Confidentiality), assurance, safety, reliability, and privacy
Aspect of Security Program that is the protection of system informations or processes from intentional or accidental unauthorized changes
What is general way of describing the Integrity aspect of Security
Data is in a state that the user expects
How does the Security Program improve the accuracy of the data input
It cannot improve accuracy of the input, only ensures that changes were intended
Fraudulant data is an example of failings of what aspect of Security
Example of poor Security Integrity