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What device is used to separate subnets?
a router
What are the three default subnet masks? (Class A), (Class B), (Class C)
What is the first octet range for Class A networks?
What is the first octet range for Class B networks?
What is the first octet range for class C networks?
What is the maximum number of Class A networks available?
What is the maximum number of Class B networks available?
What is the maximum number of Class C networks available?
What three address ranges are reserved for private networks?,, and
What standard defines Ethernet?
IEEE 802.3
Who originally develeoped Ehthernet?
Digital, Intel, and Xerox (DIX)
What does Ethernet do when it detects a collision
waits a random period of time and resends
When not using auto-detect, how should a NIC be configured when connected to a hub?
What media access control method does Ethernet use?
Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)
What is the maximum packet size for Ethernet?
1518 bytes
What standard defines Fast Ethernet?
What is the maximum speed of Fast Ethernet?
100 Mbps
What cable type is required for 10BaseT?
What are the three types of Fast Ethernet?
100BaseTX, 100BaseFX, and 100BaseT4
What cable type does 100BaseTX require?
What cable type does 100BaseFX require?
fiber optic
What cable type does 100BaseT4 require?
Cat3 (uses 2 extra wires)
What standard defines Gigabit Ethernet?
IEEE 802.3z
What is the 5-4-3 rule?
Ethernet can support a maximum of 5 segments connected by 4 repeaters with nodes on 3 segments
What is a bridge?
a Layer 2 device that connects different or same-type networks
Does a bridge allow broadcasts?
Does a bridge forward traffic?
not if the destination segment is the same as the originating segment
How much latency does a bridge introduce?
What do gateways do?
enable communications between different protocols, data types, and environments
What are non-root ports on non-root bridges considered?
nondesignated- they neither send nor receive traffic
What mode are nondesignated ports in?
blocking mode- they neither send nor receive traffic