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List three methods to access the comand line interface of a CME router.
1. Console Port
2. Telnet
3. SSH
To manage VoIP configuration In a CME router, what is the configuration mode and corresponding IOS command to enter that mode?
telephony-service configuration mode
# conf term
# telephony-service
What are two GUI options to manage a CME router?
1. Integrated CME GUI - HTML w/ Java
2. Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP) - local PC install
What can you manage with the CME GUI HTML interface?
Core functions of the CME - telephony functions
What can you manage with CCP?
All major aspects of the router
What four things are required before you can add a device to a CCP community?
1. Reachable IP addr
2. Level-15 username and password
3. Integrated HTTP services setup
4. Local authentication for telnet/ssh
What are the IOS commands to configure an IP address on an interface of a router?
#conf term
# int fa0/0
# ip address <ip> <netmask>
# no shut
What are the IOS commands to configure a level-15 username and password on a router?
#conf term
#username <x> priv 15 secret <pwd>
What are the IOS commands to configures integrated HTTP services?
#conf term
#ip http server
#ip http secure-server
What are the IOS commands to configure local authentication for telnet and ssh?
#conf term
#line vty 0 4
#login local
#transport input telnet ssh
What are the four basic ways in which you can configure a router using CCP?
2. Voice Gateway
3. CU CMS as SRST (failover)
4. None - no CME capabilities