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what is application sofware?
programs designed to make users more productive
how is software distributed?
-packaged software
-custom software
programs that control the operations of the computer is called...?
system software
software that assists people in becoming more effective and efficient is called...?
business software
what is a software suite and its advantages?
a collection of individual programs sold as a single package

*lower cost & ease of use
what is project management software?
allows you to plan, schedule, track and analyze the events,resources, and cost of a project
what is accounting software?
helps companies record and report their financial transactions
what is enterprise computing software?
large organizations require special computing solutions
-each functional unit has specialized software requirements
what is web page authoring software?
allows users of all skill levels to create web pages
what software facilitates communication?
email, FTP, web browsers, chat rooms, news group, instant messaging
what is a ASP?
Application Service Provider
1. third party organization that manages and distributes software and services on the web

2.allows companies to outsource information technology needs
what is web based training?
self directed, self paced instruction on a topic on the web
what is system software and what 2 types are there?
programs that maintain operation of a computer

1.operating system
2.utility programs
what are 4 funtions of the operating system?
-start the computer
-provide a user interface
-manage programs
-manage memory
what is a cross platform application?
runs identically on muliple operating systems
what is booting and what are the two types?
process of starting and restarting a computer
-Cold Boot: turning on computer that has been powered off

-warm boot: restarting computer that is powered on
what is a recovery disk? backup utility?
-contains system files that will start computer when computer cannot boot

-copies selected files or entire hard disk onto another disk or tape
what is a user interface? graphical user interface?
-controls how you enter data and instructions and how information displays on screen

-user interacts with menus and visual images such as icons and buttons
what is memory management?
optimizing use of random access memory
what is spooling?
sending print jobs to buffer instead of directly to printer
what is device driver?
program that tells operating system how to communicate w/ device
this operating system automatically cionfigures new devices as you install them...?
plug and play
this assesses and reports information about system resources and devices?
performance monitor
what is a network operating system?
allows users to share printer, internet access, files and programs on a network
what is utility program?
system software that performs maintenace type tasks
what is a personal firewall?
detects and protects a personal computer from unauthorized intrusions
what is a disk defragmenter?
recognizes files and unused space on hard disk so programs run faster
what are some characteristics of operating systems?
device dependent, device independent, downward compatible, upward compatible, proprietary software
what are 3 categories of operating systems?
embedded, network, stand alone
what is a DOS? why is is hardly used today?
Disk Operating System
-developed in early 1980s for PC

-does not offer a GUI, it used command line interface when first developed
what is windows XP? what are the 5 editions that it is offered as?
microsofts fastest and most reliable windows operating system

1.Home edition
2.Professional edition
3.Tablet PC
4.Media Center Edition
5.64 -Bit edition
what is a Mac OS X?
available only for computers manufactured by Apple
what is a UNIX?
-used by power users because of its flexibility and power

-both a stand alone and operating system
what is a Linux?
-popular, free, multi tasking UNIX type operating system
what are examples of networking operating systems?
-netware, solaris, unix/linux, windows server 2003
what are 2 operating systems for PDAs?
-windows mobile: for pocket PC

-Palm OS: for palm, visor, and CLIE
what is a Symbion OS?
open source, multi-tasking operating system designed for smart phones
what are file compression utility? what are 2 popular utiliteis?
shrinks size of files to free up room and performance
what are computer communications?
process in which 2 or more computers or devices transfer information, data, and instructions
what are some uses of the internet communication?
chat rooms, email, instant messaging, web, FTP, newsgroups
what is a network?
collection of computers and devices connected via communication devices and transmission media
what is a LAN?
Local Area Network
-network in limited geographical area such as home or office
what is WAN? what is the world's largest network?
Wide Area Network
-network that covers large geographic area

what is a client/server network?
one or more computers act as a "server" and other computers or "clients" access server
what is a peer to peer network?
simple network that connects fewer than 10 computers....each has equal capabilities
what is internet peer to peer (P2P)?
enables users to connect to each others hard disks and exchange files directly
what is a bus network? What are the 3 popular topologies?
all computers connect to central cable or bus
-bus, ring, and star
what is a ring network?
cable forms closed ring, or loop, with all computers and devices arranged along ring

*data travels from device to device around entire ring, in one direction
what is a star network?
all devices connect to a central device called a hub.
-all data transferred from one computer to another passes thru the hub
what is an intranet?
1.internal network that uses internet technologies

2.makes information accessible to employees

3.typically includes connection to internet
what is an extranet?
allows customers or suppliers to access part of the company's inranet
what is a token ring and ethernet?
-technology controls access to network by requiring devices to pass a special signal calld a token

-technology allows computers to contend for access to network
what is TCP/IP and 802.11?
Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol
-technology transmits data by breaking it up into small pieces, or packets

-is family of standards for wireless LANs (ex. transfer rates)
what is a blue tooth?
short- range radio waves transmit data between bluetooth devices
what are IrDA, RFID, and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)?
-specification allows data to be transferred wirelessly via infared light waves

-Radio Frequency Identification uses radio signals to communicate with a tag placed in an object

-wireless application protocol allow wireless mobile devices to access internet
what is a dial- up line?
temporary connection using telephone line for communications
what is a dedicated line?
always on connection between two communication devices
what is a dial up modem?
converts digital signals to dial up signals and vice versa
what is a cable modem?
sends and recieves data over cable tv network and is faster than dial up
what is wireless modem?
allows access to the web wirelessly from a notebook computer, a PDA, a smart phone, or other mobile devices
what is a network card?
adapter card, pc card, or or compact flash card that enables computer or device to access network
what is wireless access point?
central communicatons device that allows computers and devices to transfer data wirelessly amoung themselves or to wired network
what is a router?
connects computers and transmits data to correct to correct destination on network
what is a hub?
-device that provides central point for cables
what is a home network? what are 3 types of home networks?
multiple computers connected in home

-ethernet, powerline cable, home radio frequency
what is a communication channel? what is bandwidth?
transmission media in which data travels in communications system
-is amount of data that can travel over channel
what is physical transmission media?
wire, cable, and tangible materials used to send communications signals
what are twisted pair cable and coaxial cable?
-used for telephone systems and networking cables

-often used for cable tv wiring
what is fiber optic cabling?
-cable of carrying more data at faster speeds than wire cables
what is wireless trasmission media?
used when inconvenient, impracticle, or impossible to install cables

*includes Bluetooth and IrDA