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what is a database?
collection of data organzied so that you can access, retrieve, and use it
a database software allows you to what..?
1. create database
2.add, change, and delete data
3.sort and retrieve data
4.create forms and reports
what is the difference between data and information?
data- raw facts
information- data that is organized and meaningful
what is data integrit? GIGO?
-degree to which data is correct

-Garbage in/ Garbage out... computer phrase that means that you can not create correct information from incorrect data
what are the qualities of valuable information?
accurate, verifiable,timely organized, accessible, useful, cost effective
what is a heirarchy?
-database contains files, files contains records, records contain feild, feilds contains characters
what is a feild? feild character? feild name? data type?
-combination of one or more characters( smallest unit)

-maximum number of characters a feild can contain

-uniquiley identifies each feild

-specifies kind of data feild contains
what is a record?
a group of related feilds
what is a data feild?
a collection of related records stored on a disk
what is file maintenace?
procedures that keep data current:
1.Adding records
2.Changing records
3.Deleting records
what is validation?
process of comparing data with a set of rules to find out if data is correct
what are the types of validity checks?
1.Check Digit
2.Alphabetical/ Numeric Check
3.Completeness check
4.Racnge check
4.Consistency check
what is file processing system? what are problems with this?
each department or area within organizaton has own set of files

-records in one file may not relate to records in any other file or data reduncy (same feilds stored in multiple files)
what is database approach?
many programs and users can share data in a database
-secures data so only authorized users can access certain data
how do database application and a file processing application differ in the way they store data?
file proces- data is duplicated

database app.- only membership code is duplicated
what are popular datbase management systems(DBMS)?
access, abadas, D3, DB2, Essbase
what is data dictionary?
contains data about each file in database and each feild within those files
what is a query?
reuest for a specific data from a database
what is a report generator?
allows user to design a report on screen, retrieve data into report design, then display or print reports
what is a data security?
DBMS provides means to ensure only authorized users can access data
what are access priveleges and what are the 2 types?
define actities that a specific user or group of users can perform priveleges(user can view data, but can't change it)
2.full- update priveleges
what is a data model and the four mostpopular models?
-rules and standards that define how database organizes data and defines how users view organization of data

2.object- oriented
3.object relational
what is relational database?
stores data in tables that consists of rows and columns

-each row has primary key
each column has unique name
what is a relatuionship?
connection within data
what is structured query language (SQL)?
allows u to manage update and retrieve data
what is a data warehouse? data mining? data mart?
-huge data base system that stores and manages data required to analyze historical and current transactions

-process to find patterns and relationships among data

-smaller version of data warehouse
what are the guidelines for developing a database?
1. determine the purpose of the database the tables the records and feilds for each table
4.determine the relationship among the tables
what is computer security risk?
action that causes loss of or damage to computer system
what is a virus, worm, trojan horse, payload?
-potentially damaging computer program

-copies itself repeatedly, usin up resources and possibly shutting down computer or network

-hides within or looks like a legitimate program until triggered (doesn't replicate itself on other computers)

-destructive event that is delivered when u open a file run infected program, etc
what is an anti-virus program?
identifies and removes computer viruses, most protect against trojan horses and worms
what is a virus signature?
-specific pattern of virus code
-antivirus programs look for virus signatures
what are quarentines?
infected files that it cannot remove
how does an antivirus "inoculate" a program file?
1. records info about program(file size)
2.uses info. to detect if virus tampers w/ file
3. attempts to remove any detected virus
what are some tips for preventing worms, trojan horse infections, viruses?
1.install antivirus program
2.install a personal firewall program
3.never open an email attachment unless ur expecting or know what it is
what is spoofing?
makes a network or internet transmission appear legitimate
what is a firewall?
security system consisting of hardware/ or software that prevents unauthorized network access
what is a personal firewall utility?
program that protects personal computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions (informs you of attempted intrusions)
how can companies portect against hackers?
1.intrusion detection software
2.access control
3.audit trail
what is user name? password? how can u make passwords more secure?
-unique combination of characters that identifies user

-private combination of characters associated w/ the username that allows access to computer resources

-make them longer
what is a biometric device?
authenticates persons identity buy using personal characteristics
what is a license agreement? encryption?
right to use software

-safeguard against information theft
what is a ceritificate authority?
authorized person or comapny that issues and verifies digital certificates
what is a secure sockets layer (SSL)?what a
provides encryption of all data that passes between client and internet server
what are computer ethics? IT code of conduct?
-moral guidelines that govern use of computers and information systems

-written guideline that helps determine whether computer action is ethical (employers can distribute to employees)
what is information privacy?
right of individuals and and companies to restrict collection and use of info. about them
what is an electronic profile?
data collected when u fill out form on the web
what is a cookie?
small file on ur computer that contains data about u
what is spyware, adware, and spam?
-program placed on computer without users knowledge
-displays online advertisments
-unsolicited e-mail message sent to many recipients
what is phishing?
scam in which a perpertrator sends an official looking email that attempts to obtain ur personal info.
what is content filtering? web filtering?
-process of restricting access to certain material
-retricts access to specified sites