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3-D reference
Refers to the same cell or range of cells on multiple worksheets in the same workbook.
Compare value
The categories in the lookup table usually located in the table’s first row or column.
Default template
The template of the workbook that appears when you start Excel or create new workbook.
Destination file
When two files are linked together, the workbook that receives the information from the source file, which contains the information.
External reference
A reference to a formula in a cell on a sheet in another workbook.
HLOOKUP function
The horizontal Lookup function that is used when the compare values are placed in the table’s first row.
A connection between two files allowing information to be transferred from one file to another.
Lookup function
A category of Excel functions that can be used to look up or reference information stored in a table.
Lookup table
Information placed in a worksheet in a table format that Excel can use to look up information and copy it to another cell.
Lookup value
The value that is matched against a compare value.
Source file
When two files are linked together, the workbook that contains the information.
A document that has preset labels, formats, and formulas already built into it on which a new document is based.
VLOOKUP function
The vertical Lookup function used for lookup tables in which the compare values are placed in the table’s first column.
Worksheet group
A collection of two or more selected worksheets. Any changes made to one worksheet are applied to all sheets in the group.