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A customized program that adds commands and features to Microsoft Office programs such as Excel.
Adjustable cell
A cell that Excel changes to produce the desired result in the target cell.
Answer report
A report that summarizes the results of a successful solution by displaying information about the target cell, changing cells, and constraints; it includes the original and final values for the target and changing cells, as well as the constraint formulas.
Binary value
A value equal to 0 or 1.
The final values in the changing cells are equal to the constraint values.
Changing cell
The cell whose value is changed in order to reach a specific goal.
A limit that is placed on the solution for a problem.
Goal Seek
An Excel analysis tool that automates the trial-and-error process by changing one cell (input value) to force another cell to calculate a specific value (result value).
Iterative procedure
A process by which Solver starts with an initial solution (usually the original values inserted into the worksheet) and uses that as a basis to calculate a series of solutions. Each step, or iteration, in that series improves the solution until Solver reaches the point where one solution is no longer significantly better than the previous one. At that point, Solver will stop and indicate that it has found an answer.
Limits report
A type of report often used in science and engineering environments when the user wants to investigate the mathematical aspects of the Solver solution.
Linear function
A function that can be written as the sum of a series of terms, with each term multiplied by a constant value.
Nonlinear problem
Any problem that involves a function that cannot be written in a simple linear form.
Not binding
Constraints were no limiting factors in the solution.
Optimal product mix
A mix of products that satisfies customer and production constraints, but at the same time meets a particular goal.
Three items that you must specify when using Solver: a target cell, the adjustable (or changing) cells, and the constraints that apply to your problem.
Result cell
Cell that contains the value that you want to examine in a what-if analysis.
Sensitivity report
A report often used in science and engineering environments when the user wants to investigate the mathematical aspects of the Solver solution.
The difference between the value in the cell and the value at the limit of the constraint.
Excel add-in program that searches for the optimal solution of a problem involving several variables.
Target cell
A cell that you want to maximize, minimize, or change to a specific value.
Trial and error
An approach to finding the optimal solution by exploring different possible values at random.