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Active cell
The selected cell in the worksheet; indicated with a dark border.
Adjacent range
A single rectangular block that include a group of contiguous cells.
Specifies the numbers, text, or cell references used by the function to calculate a value.
Arithmetic operator
Symbols, such as +, -, *, or /, used in a formula to perform a arithmetic calculations.
Excel feature that anticipates the text you are about to enter by displaying text that begins with the same letter as a previous entry displays.
Toolbar button that automatically inserts the SUM function to calculate the sum of values in a range.
The intersection of a column and row in a worksheet.
Cell reference
The address of cell indicating its column and row location.
Erases the contents of a cell, leaving the cell in the worksheet.
The horizontal portion of a worksheet identified by letters.
To remove a cell or cells from a worksheet, shifting the remaining worksheet cells into the space previously occupied by the deleted cell or cells; also to remove a worksheet entirely from a workbook.
Documentation sheet
A worksheet that provides information about the content and purpose of the workbook.
Edit mode
Excel mode in which you can edit cell contents.
A mathematical expressions that calculates a value; all Excel formulas always begin with an equal sign (=) followed by an expression describes the calculation to be done.
Formula bar
The bar located about the workbook window in which the contents of a cell in displayed.
Formula view
View in which cell formulas are displayed, rather than the values returned by the formulas.
A predefined formula that performs calculations using specific values called arguments.
Landscape orientation
Orientation of a printed page in which the page is longer than it is tall.
Name box
Box located on the leftmost end of the Formula bar in which the cell reference to the active cell is also displayed.
Nonadjacent range
Cell range that is comprised of two or more separate adjacent ranges.
Order of precedence
A set of predefined rules that Excel follows to unambiguously calculate a formula by determining which operator is applied first, which operator is applied second, and so forth.
A group of worksheet cells, which can be adjacent or nonadjacent; also called a cell range.
Range reference
Identification of a cell range using the upper-left and lower-right corners of the rectangle selection of the cells.
The vertical portion of a worksheet, identified by numbers.
Sheet tab
The area at the bottom of a worksheet that identifies the worksheet; clicking a sheet tab makes the worksheet active.
Spell checker
An Excel editing tool that you can use to check the words in the workbook against the program’s internal dictionary.
A tool used in business for budgeting, inventory management, and decision making for analyzing and reporting information.
SUM function
Math function that calculates the sum of a set of numbers.
Tab scrolling buttons
Navigation tools located in the lower-left corner of the Excel window used to view the worksheet tabs present in the workbook.
Number entered in a cell that represents a quantity of some type, such as the number of units sold, stock prices, a exam score, and so on.
What-if analysis
An approach you can use in Excel to analyze workbook data by changing one or more of the values and then examining the recalculated values to determine the effect of the change.
File in which Excel stores an electronic spreadsheet.
Workbook window
Window in which a workbook is displayed; also called worksheet window.
Each workbook is made up of individual worksheets, or sheets containing formulas, functions, values, text, and graphics.
Worksheet window
Window in which a workbook is displayed; also called worksheet window.