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what is FTP stand for and what is it?
File Transfer Protocol
-a method used to transfer documents across the internet
what is HTTP and what does it stand for?
Hypertext Transfer Protocol
-the WWW protocol that performs the request and retrieve functions of a server.
-The primary function of HTTP is to establish a connection with a web server and transmit HTML pages to a browser.
what is HTML and what does it stand for?
Hypertext Make Up Language
-a language for creating hypertext documents
what is a URL and what does it stand for?
Uniform Resource Locater
-the unique address to a file on the internet
what is an "index.html"?
-name of home page for website
what is a "public_html?"
name of the folder in ur astro account in which all files must be placed in order to use them w/ ur website
To publish your web site you will use this folder in your astro account:
To view your web site you will use this address:
when it comes to unix commands, what is a CD?
the Unix command to change a directory/folder
when it comes to unix commands, what is "ls"?
the Unix command to list out files
what is image cropping?
Cropping an image eliminates a portion of the picture.
what is image resizing?
Resizing keeps the entire image but changes the size of the picture.
what is an image map?
A picture that has regions (or hotspots) that are links to other web pages, web files, or even used as e-mail links.
what is the difference betweeen a .jpeg and a .gif?
.jpeg can hold many of images, while .gif can only hold 256 colors