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what is a graphical user interface?
is a user interace that displays graphics in addition to text when it communicates to the user. a.k.a GUI
the bottom of the screen shows the start button, notification area, and any programs , folders, or files open on ur computer at any given time. what is this known as?
explain how u would resize a window w/o using the title bar of the window, the minimize, maximize, or restore down buttons , or any keyboard shortcuts for mini. max. or restore?
u can place ur mouse over the edge of the window until u see the double arrows symbol used to resize windows.once the symbol appears, hold down ur left mouse button and resize the window
what is windows explorer?
an application program included w/ windos xp that allows u to view the contents of the computer, the hierarchy of drives and folders on the computer, and the files and in each folder.
what do the plus sign and the minus sign indicate when using the windows explorer program?
plus sign indicates additional folders are available inside the current folder. clicking on the plus sign expands the folder to show the hidden folders.
- the minus sign contracts all folders under the folder that is showing the minus sign.
a folder can have several folders inside of it. in other words , folders can be nested
what is an associated document/file? discuss the benefits and purpose of associated documents/ files.
-is a file type that is associated w/ a specific program.
-can double click files by double clicking, which makes it easier for computer users to work on files
-associated files are easily identified since they are given icons rep. what program their assoc. with.
before u can open an associated document/ file, u must manually start the related application program
this is used to prepare a disk for use by the computer.
format command
the process of copying files to a seperate disk to protect the original files is called what?
a document name can contain up to how many chracters? what is a good thing to remember since u will be using many of these files on ur web page?
-255 characters
-(_) : underscore
how would u rename a file named "document1.doc" on ur floppy disk to "cispaper.doc"
-open floppy disk
-right click on file named document1.doc
-choose the shortcut named rename
-rename file as cispaper.doc
what is the source drive and source folder?
the drive and files to be copied when copying files
what is the name of the driveand folder to which the files are copied called?
destinaion drive and destination folder
list the steps necessary to create a folder named CIS-WORK on ur floppy disk.
-open floppy disk
-right click inside disk window
-choose short cut option named new and select folder from drop down menu
-once folder appears, give it the name CIS-WORK and hit enter
what are the necessary steps to copy the file named document.doc in the root directory of your zip disk into the folder named MYDOCS
-open zip disk & select file named document.doc
-hit CTRL-C to copy the file
-click on folder named MYDOCS to open the folder
-hit CTRL-V to paste file into folder
what are the steps necessary to delete the file named document.doc from ur folder called MYDOCS located on zip disk?
-double click on folder named MYDOCS to open folder
-select file named document.doc and hit "delete"
-when computer asks if ur sure- hit YES to delete file