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What is you pulse rate> What exactly is a pulse? Where does it come from?
The expansion of you heartbeat through your blood vessel
the process by which substances move into or out of cells or are distributed by cells
In humans, and other multi-celled organisms, the circulatory system is needed to _______ to and from all parts of the organism.
transport materials
the circulatory system acts as a link
between the cells of an organism and the outside environment
The human circulatory system consists of
the heart, a series of blood vessels, and the blood that flows through them
your heart is located in the _____
and about the size of your ___
center of you chest
It is enclosed in a protective sac of tissue called the
the walls of the heart are composed of a thick muscle called
the powerful ___ pump blood throughout the circulatory system
contractions of the myocardium
dividing the right side of your heart from the left side is the
the septum
prevents the mixing of oxygen rich blood and oxygen poor blood
the_____ are called atria
upper two cahmbers of the heart
the_____ are called ventricles
lower two chambers of the heart
pumonary circulation
the right side of the heart pumps blood from the lungs
systemic circulation
in the lungs, carbon dioxide leaves the blood and oxygen is absorbed. The oxygen rich blood then flows into the left side of the heart and is pumped to the rest of the body
blood that returns to the right side of the heart is ____ because cells have absorbed much of the ______
oxygen poor
oxygen oxygen and loaded the blood with carbon dioxide.
blood enters the heart through the____ As the heart contracts, blood flows into the _____ and then to the body or lungs.
left and right atria
Flaps of connective tissue called___ are located between the ____ and also at the ____
prevent the backflow of blood
What is a heart murmur?
squish-valves don't work correctly
heartbeat: There are two networks of muscle fibers in the heart, one in the ___ and one in the ___
when a single fiber in either newtork is stimulated
all the fibers are stimulated and the network contracts as a unit
each contraction begins with the ____ located in the right atrium.
SA node
The SA node isknown as the ____ of the heart
When the SA node fires
the impulse travels throughout the atria and both chambers contract
Theimpulse will then travel to the ventricles and reach the ___ located in the right ventricle
AV node
The imulse will travel throughout both ventricles and cause both chambers to
when the heart muscle is relaxed. This is when the chambers fill up with blood
when the heart muscle is contracting. This is when the heart is pumping blood.
The heart contracts and relaxed in a rhythmic cycle. One complete sequence of pumping and filling is called the
cardia cycle
The pressure the heart puts on ___ can be measured by taking a blood pressure reading.
blood pressure:
electrocardiogram, the impulses that travel through cardiac muscle during the heart cycle produce electrical currents that are conducted through body fluids to skin, where the currents can be detected by electrodes and recorded on a EKG.
As blood moves through the circultory system, it moves through three types of blood vessels
arteries, capillaries and veins
large vessels that carry blood away from the heart to the body. Arteries have thick, muscular walls that help them withstand the intense pressure produced when the heart contracts
most arteries carry ____
oxygen rich blood
pulmonary arteries
What is an aneurism?
burst blood vessel
the smallest of the blood vessels. Capillaries are only one cell thick and most are so narrow that blood cells must pass through single file.
The real work of the circulatory system_____ is done in the capillaries
bringing nutrients and oxygen to the tissues and absorbing carbon dioxide and other wastes
veins: once our blood passes through the capillaries, it must be _____
returned to the heart