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Main task of circulatory system
Transport materials through body.
Delivers food and oxygen
Carries away carbon dioxide and other wastes
What does food combine with to produce usable energy
Waste product produced by cells and carried away by blood
Carbon Dioxide
How much blood does the heart pump each day?
7600 liters or 2000 gallons
What muscle rests only between beats?
How much blood is pumped through the heart each minute
5 liters
How big is the heart and where is it located?
As big a a fist
Located slightly left of center of the chest
Where is the pacemaker of the heart located?
Upper right side of heart
What does the pacemaker do and what controls it?
Pacemaker sends signals to heart muscle causing it to contract - it is controlled by nerve tissue in the heart
What is controlled by the pacemaker?
Heart beat and rhythm
How many pumps are in the heart?

One on right and one on left
What is the thick wall of tissue that separates teh heart into a right and left side?
How many chambers are in each side of the heart?
Where does circulation begin in the heart?
Upper right chamber called the atrium
"Oxygen poor blood" is filled with what waste?
Carbon dioxide
From the right atrium, blood flows down into what chamber?
Right ventricle
Are the atria or venticles the pumping chambers?
The right ventricle pumps blood where?
The lungs
In the lungs, what is removed from the blood and what is picked up?
Carbon dioxide removed

Oxygen picked up
After the lungs, where does the blood go?
Left atrium
After the left atrium, blood flows down into what chamber?
Left ventricle
What chamber is the main pump for blood to the body?
Left ventricle
Is blood pumped AWAY from the heart oxygen rich or poor?
Oxygen rich
Is blood returned to the heart from the body oxygen rich or poor
Oxygen poor
What vessels are the "pipelines from the heart"?
Largest blood vessel in the body
What heart chamber pumps blood into the aorta
Left ventricle
What organ in the body is the primary destination for blood flow?
The brain
What vessels are the "unseen pipelines"
What are the extemely thin-walled vessels that are only big enough for 1 red blood cell to pass through?
Why are capillaries so small?
Allow the movement of oxygen, food and waste materials to pass through the capillary wall
What vessels are the "pipelines TO the heart"
Blood trickles from the capillaries into what vessels?
Are veins or capillaries bigger?
Arteries - biggest and thickest
Veins - medium, thin walls
Capillaries - tiny, thinnest walls
Why doesn't blood flow backward in veins?
Tiny one-way valves keep blood moving toward heart