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The radial and ulnar veins fuse to form the_______vein
At the level of the first rib, the axillary vein becomes the _______vein.
The vein that is formed from the fusion of the subclavian with the internal and external jugulars is the ______vein
The deep veins of the lower leg include the________veins.
anterior and posterior tibial and peroneal
Blood from capillaries on the superior surface of the foot drain into a....
dorsal venous arch
Blood from the dorsal venous arch is drained by the______vein(s).
greater saphenous
At the knee, the small saphenous, tibial and peroneal veins unite to form the_______vein.
When the popliteal vein reaches the femur, it becomes the_______vein, before penetrating the abdominal wall.
The ______vein is formed by the fusion of the greater saphenous vein, femoral, and deep femoral vein.
external iliac
The two common iliac veins form the...
inferior vena cava
Nutrients from the digestive tract enter the...
hepatic portal vein
Mast cells from the integumentary system produce localized changes in blood flow and capillary permeability. TRUE/FALSE
The layer of a blood vessel that separates the tunica media and the tunica externa is the....
external elastic membrane
The tunica externa contains collagen fibers with scattered bands of elastic fibers. TRUE/FALSE
Which layer of a blood vessel has sheets of smooth muscle tissue.
tunica media
In arteries, the thick layer of elastic fibers is called the....
internal elastic membrane
Arterioles have a poorly defined tunica externa. TRUE/FALSE
The femoral artery is an example of a muscular artery. TRUE/FALSE
0.4 cm would be a characteristic diameter of a muscular artery. TRUE/FALSE
The femoral artery is an example of which type of artery?
Arteriolar vessels are considered resistant vessels. TRUE/FALSE
After aortic aneurysm repair, the result of the abdominal aorta being clamped to long during the surgical procedure is...
loss of urinary function
A vein that measures 5mm would be considered...
a medium vein
The capillary pressure that declines from 35mm/Hg to 18mm?Hg is the...
capillary hydrostatic pressure.
The brachial artery is an elastic artery. TRUE/FALSE
The_______ are small blood vessels that carry blood to the tunica media of large arteries and veins.
vasa vasorum
Collaterals are a group of arteries that service a single capillary network. TRUE/FALSE
The direct interconnection of two arteries is called an arterial________.
What is a metarteriole?
It is an arteriole segment of a central channel.
The pressure difference between the base of the aorta and thew right atrium is the.....
circulatory pressure
What are Korotkoff's sounds?
They are distictive sounds heard during the measurement of blood pressure.
Lymphatic vessels drain fluid from the interstitial space back to the general circulation. TRUE/FALSE
The blood vessel that branches to form a right common carotid and a right subclavian artery is the_______.
The blood vessel that supplies the blood to the pericardium and the anterior wall of the chest is the.....
internal thoracic artery
The superior phrenic artery supplies blood to the...
The blood vessel that supplies blood to the pancreas, the small intestine and most of the large intestine is the__________.
superior mesenteric artery
Bronchial arteries supply the nonrespiratory tissues of the lung are the_______.
bronchial arteries
The lower part of the large intestine including the rectum receives blood from the....
inferior mesenteric artery
The dorsalis pedis is the arterial anastamosis on the top of the foot. TRUE/FALSE
The plantar arch is the arterial anastamosis on the bottom of the foot. TRUE/FALSE
The vessel that carries blood from the left thoracic body wall to the superior vena cava is the....
hemiazygos vein
The vessel that carries blood from the right thoracic wall to the superior vena cava is the...
azygos vein
One would expect to find fenestrated capillaries in the pancreas. TRUE/FALSE
Increased levels of CO2 in the blood will result in decreased....
parasympathetic stimulation of the heart
An individual with aortic regurgitation would most likely have the highest pulse pressure. TRUE/FALSE