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List the proper order of blood vessel types that go from anf back to the heart.
1. elastic arteries
2. muscular arteries
3. arterioles
4. capillaries
5. venules
6. medium veins
7. large veins
capillaries that have a complete lining are called...
continuous capillaries
Capillaries with an incomplete lining are called...
fenestrated capillaries
Materials can move across capillary walls by...
diffusion and osmosis
active transport and bulk transport
Blood flow through a capillary is regulated by the...
precapillary sphincter
List 4 factors that are related to vascular resistance.
1. length of vessel
2. nature of blood flow
3. viscosity of blood
4. diameter of vessel
As blood travels through the aorta toward the capillaries, the...
resistance increases
Blood flow to a tissue will increase if the...
pH rises
Blood pressure is determined by measuring the...
force exerted by blood in a vessel against air in a closed cuff
The difference between the systolic and diastolic pressures is called the________ pressure.
The blood osmotic pressure is most affected by changes in the...
concentration of plasma proteins
Blood hydrostatic pressure forces fluid from the capillary to the interstitial space. TRUE/FALSE
Blood osmotic pressure moves fluid from the interstitial space to the capillary. TRUE/FALSE
The osmotic pressure of the interstitial fluid is less than the blood osmotic pressure. TRUE/FALSE
The hydrostatic pressure of the interstitial fluid does not oppose the movement of fluid from the capillary. TRUE/FALSE
When renin is released from the juxtaglomerular cells...
angiotensinogen is converted into angiotensin 1.
Pulmonary arteries carry blood to the...
Pulmonary veins carry blood to the...
left atrium
List 4 arteries that carry blood to the heart.
1. right coronary artery
2. left circonflex artery
3. marginal artery
4. left descending artery
List the arteries that contribute to the Circle of willis.
Posterior/anterior communicating artery
Posterior/anterior cerebral artery
An important artery that supplies blood to the brain is the________ artery.
Blood from the brain returns to the heart by way of the ________ vein.
internal jugular
Stimulation of the aortic baroreceptors results in...
increased activity by the parasympathetic nervous system.
In response to hemorrhage, there is...
mobilization of the venous reserve
Name a branch off the aortic arch.
left subclavian artery
A major branch of the subclavian artery is the internal thoracic. TRUE/FALSE
After passing the firat rib, the subclavian artery becomes the_______artery.
In the upper arm, the axillary artery becomes the_____artery.
The brachial artery branches to form the radial and________ artery.
The two verterbral arteries fuse to form a large artery, the...
basilar artery
The internal carotids and the basilar artery are interconnected by an anastomosis called the...
circle of Willis
At the carotid sinus, the common carotid forms....
an internal and an external branch
List 4 branches of the thoracic aorta.
1. superior phrenic
2. esophageal
3. bronchial
4. intercostal
near the level of the vertebra L4, the aorta branches to form the______arteries.
common iliac
The external iliac artery branches to form the______arteries.
femoral and deep femoral
In the lower leg, the femoral artery becomes the_____artery.
Branches of the popliteal artery include the...
peroneal artery
Small veins of the brain empty into the...
dural sinuses
The superior sagittal sinus collects blood from the...
The superficial veins of the forearm drain into the______vein(s).
cephalic and basilic