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What is thr relationship between atherosclerosis and arterial compliance?
A person with atherosclerosis would be expected to have decreased arterial compliance. This would lead to an increase in systolic pressure and pulse pressure.
What is the result of carotid artery constriction?
It would reduce blood pressure at the carotid bifurcation where the arterial baroreceptors are located. baroreceptors are then activated, which leads to an increase in sympathetic activity and a decrease in parasym. activity(vagal tone)This results in peripheral vessel constriction.
Atrial natriuretic peptide is specifically released from where?
It is released from myocytes in the atria in response to increases in atrial pressure.
What is the result of an overdose of lasix?
It would cause a tremendous increase in urinary volume. This can cause a substantial decrease in plasma volume.
What happens when there is an excess secretion of aldosterone?
It results in enhanced tubular reabsorption of Na+ and secretion of K+, which leads to an increase in ECF volume, which in turn suppresses renin release by the kidney. Hypokalemia can occur as well.
What is Poiseuille's la
It states that flow through a vessel increases in proportion to the 4th power of the radius.
What happens when blood pressure falls below 80mmHg?
Carotid and aortic chemoreceptors are activated to elicit a neural reflex to minimize the fall in blood pressure. Chemoreceptors are chemosensitive cells that are sensitive to oxygen lack, CO2 excess or H+ ion excess.
List a substance in plasma that is a major factor that contributes to plasma colloid osmotic pressure?
Albumin. Molecules or ions that fail to pass through the pores of the capillary wall exert osmotic pressure. The capillary wall is highly permeable to NaCl, glucose, cholesterol and potassium, but relatively impermeable to albumin. Albumin in the plasma is the major contributor to plasma colloid osmotic pressure.
During exercise, list 2 substances that increase in tissue levels?
CO2 and lactic acid increase. These metabolites dilate blood vessels, decrease arteriolar resistance and enhance vascular conductance and blood flow.
What are the functions of the anterior cardiac veins and the thesbian veins?
They both drain venous blood from the heart. However, 75% of the total coronary flow drains from the heart by the coronary sinus.