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Advocated persistence of vision. Slide projectors, very slow. Eye can retain image long enough until other image replaces it.
Peter Mark Roget
Created first permanent photograph/image on a metal plate
Louis Daguerre
Etching permanent images on glass plates. Light may be shown through
Langenheim Brothers
Name of first motion picture camera and projector Edison built in 1889
Allowed film to run through film gate smoothly
Sprocket holes
First copyrighted film
Fred Ott's sneeze
First film studio ever created.
Black Maria
First controversial and censored film due to obscene gyrations and clothing she wore
First portable camera/printer/projector developed by Lumiere
Father of the documentary
Lumiere divided films into categories known as what
Wished to be a magician before discovering motion pictures. Father of fictional films
George Melies
Created the illusion of people or things disappearing
Stop-Motion Photography
Melies was main actor in both these films
The Conjurer and A trip to the Moon
American Film maker that based film on sequence of shots within a scene
Edwin S. Porter
Edwin S. Porter's two most important films in 1903
Life of an American Fireman and The Great Train Robbery
First film maker to use color tinting and revolutionize the end of a movie
Edwin S. Porter
First film to introduce shots other then traditional Long and Full
Birth of a Nation
When is Birth of a Nation set?
1860's after Civil War
Who was in the film Birth of a Nation
Henry B. Walthall (Ben Cameron), Lillian Gish (Elsie) and Mae Marsh (Flora)
Why is it the most racist film ever?
Important black characters played by white people. White stronger then blacks. Whites speak very articulate while blacks in broken english
What form of symbolism is portrayed in the beginning of the film?
Black and white puppies together
Silas Lynch is referred to as what later in the film?
The Mulatto