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What is the international system of units and its abbreviation?
It is the metric system of measurements and a way for all scientist to communicate world wide. (SI)
What are the 7 types of scientists and what do they do?
1. Marine Biologist- study organisms that live in the ocean
2. Emergency Medical Technician- provide medical attention for the people who need it
3. Veterinarian- doctors for animals
4. Physical Therapist- help people regain their strength
5. Physician- examine people and diagnoses illnesses
6. Botanist- study plants
7. Park Ranger- take care of parks
What does an organic compound always contain?
What is the main difference between active and passive transport?
active- needs energy (moves from an area of lower to higher concentration)

passive- doesn't need energy (moves from an area of higher concentration to lower)
What do plants froduce after getting energy form the sun?
oxygen and sugar
inept to make their own food
Can make their own food
Raw materials in resperation is the same as what in photosynthsis?
the end products
When does lactic acid fermentation occur?
when oxygen is low
What do punnet squares show?
all possable offspring combinations
What do chromasomes carry?
genes from pqarent to offspring
When a virus invades a cell, what takes over the cells function?
genetic material
What is the job of vasscular tissue in plants?
transports substances from one part to the other
where do autotrophics get energy to make food?
The sun
How did the first cell survive?
used chemicals in its surrounding for energy
Why is it important for cells to have water?
most chemical reactions occur in water
Why does photosynthsis need sunlight?
to make food and to get energy
production of energy by a cell without oxygen
different form of a gene
likelyhood an event will occur
when genes are carried form parent to offspring on chromasomes
Order of nitrogyn bases along a gene (ATGC)
***What does the order of the bases along a gene determine?***
the order of the amino acids put together to form a protien
Lenneau's way of classifying organisms. (today we include a species history)
What do organisms that shair a revolutionary history also shair?
a common ancestor
The diffusion of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane.
The process by which molecules move from an area in which they are highly concentrated to an area in which they are less concentrated.
allows only certian materials to cross it
what is the cell membrane and where is it located?
protects the cell; located right above the cell wall (or in an animal cells case- located surrounding the cell)
The facts, figures, and other evidence gathered through observation.