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ingenium, ~u
n., natural ability, talent.
iudex, iudicis
m., one appointed to decide a case, a juror.
sentio, sentire, sensi, sensus
to realize, to percieve.
exiguus, ~a, ~um
small, scanty, slight, insignificant.
exercitatio, exercitationis
f., practice, experience.
infitior, infitiari, infitiatus
to deny.
(adv.) somewhat, to a moderate extent, moderately.
verso, ~are, ~avi, ~atus
to turn (pass.: to be engaged in).
ratio, rationis
f., (w. gen.) a methodology, strategy, or system; a professional ethic directing one's actions; course, curriculum (of study).
ars, artis
f., art, skill; (pl.) cultural pursuits, liberal studies.
studium, ~i
n., (w. gen.) study (of something); intellectual pursuit.
disciplina, ~ae
f., formal instruction, training.
proficiscor, proficisci, profectus
to set forth, derive (from a source, etc.).
confiteor, confiteri, confessus
to confess, admit.
aetas, aetatis
f., the span of one's life; a lifetime.
abhorreo, abhorrere, abhorrui
to be adverse to (w. a + abl.).
fructus, ~us
m., profit, benefit, reward.
repeto, repetere, repetivi (~ii), repetitus
to seek in return; to trace, search for.
(adv.) almost, nearly, all but.
ius, iuris
n., (w. poss. adj.) one's right, what one is entitled to.
debeo, debere, debui, debitus
(w. inf.) to be under obligation (to do something).
(interrog. and rel. adv) as far as.
mens, mentis
f., the mind.
respicio, respicere, respexi, respectus
to look back on.
spatium, ~i
n., a period, interval.
praeteritus, ~a, ~um
past, bygone, former.
puerita, ~ae
f., childhood.
recordor, recordari, recordatus
to call to mind, recall.
princeps, principis
first in time, earliest; most important.
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus
to undertake.
ingredior, ingredi, ingressus
to begin, embark.
exsto, exstare, exstiti
to emerge, stand out, exisist (in a given manner or capacity).
hortatus, ~us
m., encouragement.
praeceptum, ~i
n., instruction, precept.
conformo, ~are, ~avi, ~atus
to train, shape, mold.
(adv.) occasionally, at some time; from time to time.
salus, salutis
f., a means of deliverance (usu. judicial); security.
accipio, accipere, accepi, acceptus
to take, recieve.
opitulor, opitulari, opitulatus
(w. dat.) to give help (to).
servo, ~are, ~avi, ~atus
to defend (esp. in court).
(adv.) surely, certainly.
(interrog. and rel. adv) to what extent, to the extent to which.
situs, ~a, ~um
placed or lying in one's control or power.
ops, opis
f., aid, assistance.
fero, ferre, tuli, latus
to convey, bestow; to bear, endure.
(adv.) or.

(conj.) even.
aliqius, aliquid
(indef. pron., adj.) someone, anyone; some, any.
tempus, temporis
n., time, a moment or period, etc.
omnis, ~e
(sing.) each, every; (pl.) all.
primus, ~a, ~um
superl. adj.) first, the first part (of gen.); in primis: especially; first and foremost.
(explanatory participle) for.
(superl. adv.) very long, far, etc.
memoria, ~ae
f., memory.
ultimus, ~a, ~um
remotest in time, earliest.
(adv.) from that time or place, thence; then, next.
(adv.) as far as; ever; continually.
vox, vocis
f., voice.
ceterus, ~a, ~um
other, the rest or remaining.
alius, ~a, ~ud
another, other, else.
ipse, ~a, ~um
himself/herself, itself; (pl.) themselves.