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vituperator, oris (m)
a blamer, accuser, vituperator
vituperatio, onis (f)
a blaming, censuring; blame, censure
think, estimate, deem, judge
vitupero, are, avi, atus
to censure, to find fualt with, blame, reproach
probatus, a, um
approved, acceptable, pleasing agreeable
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus
to take, take up, recieve, assume, begin, incur;
to undertake
retineo, ere, ui, itus
to hold back, keep back, detain, check, repress
postulo, are, avi, atus
ask, beg, demand, claim, request derive
of things: to call for, to make necessary
semel (adv)
once, a single time
tribuo, ere, ui, utus
to divide out, allot, assign, give, attribute, yield
incurro, ere, -cuccuri, cursus
to run into, rush at; fall into, meet; to happen occur
doctrina, ae (f)
learning, instruction, erudition
postremo (adv.)
at last, finally, last of all
suspicor, ari, atus
to mistrust, suspect; beleive, conjecture
eruditus, a um
instructed, learned, accomplished
+ dat? (in sth.)
admitto, ere, missi, missus
to send to, let go, admit
to be let done, allow, permit
coerceo, ere, cui, citus
to enclose on all sides, to surround;
to restrain, confine, control, repress
= prope
nearly, almost
+ acc = near to
avoco, avocare, avocavi, avocatus
to call off, to call away

call off, withdraw, divert, turn
utor, usi, usus + 2 ablatives
to use as, employ for, hold in the capacity of, find to be
interdum (adv.)
sometimes, occasionally, now and then
constituo, ere, ui, utus
set, establish, decide
mediocritas, atis (f)
a middle state, mean, moderateness, moderation
moderately, tolerably, ordinarily, somewhat, slightly
sive (adv.)
or if
sive... sive
be it that... or that, if... or if, whether...or
vitium, vitii (n.)
a fault, defect, blemish, imperfection, vice
fruor, frui fructus
enjoy (+ ablative)
fungor, fungi, functus
perform (+ ablative)
potior, poti, potitus
gain possession of (+ ablative)
vescor, vesci, ---
eat (+ ablative)
defatigio, onis (f.)
a wearying, tiring out, weariness, fatigue
delecto, are, avi, atus
to allure, attract, delight, charm, please, entertain. interest
invidus, a, um
envious, envying
invidiosus, a, um
full of envy, invidious;
exciting envy, enviable
sin (conj.)
= si + ne
if however, if on the contrary, but if/
statuo, ere, ui, utus
to cause to stand, set up, station, fix;
to construct, set up, erect, make, build; establish, settle, constitute
iniucundus, a, um
unpleasant, disagreeable
iucundus, a, um
pleasant, agreeable, delightful, pleasing
iucunditas, atis
agreement, pleasantness, delight, enjoyment
vicinus, a, um
of the neighborhood, near, neighboring, in the vicinity
vicinitas, atis (f.)
neighborhood, nearness, proximity, vicinity
liberalis, e
of freedom, relating to freedom;
befitting a freeman, dignified, honorable
freely, unrestrictedly, without interference
libero, are, avi, atus
to set free, free liberate
offendo, ere, fendi, fensus
to hit;
to find fault, take offense;
to come upon, meet with;
to shock, offend
curiosus, a, um
bestowing care, careful, devoted, attentive
contemno, ere, tempsi, temptus
to value little, despise, disdain, disregard
invitus, a, um
against the will, unwillingly, reluctant, on compulsion
sermo, onis (m)
continued speech, talk, discourse
a manner of speaking, language, style
exprimo, ere, pressi, pressus
to force out;
to form, model, portray, exhibit;
to imitate, copy, represent, portray; to translate
appeto, appetere, appetivi, appetitus
seek for, long for, desire, aim at
appetens, appetentis
eager for (+ gen.)
blandior, blaniri, blanditus sum
fawn over, flatter
usus, usus (m.)
use, intercourse, expereince, friendship
propertea (adv.)
on this account
vulgaris, e
common, ordinary
sicut (conj.)
just as, as
sin (conj.)
but if
iterum (adv.)
a second time, again
querella, ae (f.)
regret, complaint
nemo, nullius, nemini, neminem (n.)
no one
sero (adv.)
too late
ration, onis (f.)
reason, method, mode, terms, theory
perfecto (adv.)
certainly, assuredly
probo, probare, probavi, probatus
approve of
senectus, senectutis (f.)
old age
sempiternus, a, um
existimo, ere, ivi, itus
think, consider
inquam, is, it, imus, ---, inquiunt
per. inquii
imp. inquiebam
to say
inopia, ae (f.)
want, lack, scarcity
inops, opis
without resources, helpless, weak