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What happened on Jan. 1st?
The Solemnity of Mary
What happened on Jan. 6?
What happened on march 19th?
st. joseph
What happened on march 21st?
Vernal Equinox
What happened on march 25th?
Feast of the annunciation
What happened on June 21st?
Summer Solstice
What happened on June 24th?
St. John the Baptist
What happened on aug. 6th?
What happened on aug. 15th?
Assumption of Mary
What happened on nov. 1st? What alse happened on nov. 1st?
all saints day
all souls day
What happened on dec. 6th?
Feast of St. Nick
How many years has it been since the feast of the immaculate conception was declared an official dogma of the church?
What happened on dec. 12?
Our Lady of Guadalupe
What happened on dec. 21st.
Winter Solstice
What happened on dec. 25th.
What happened on dec. 26th?
Feast of St. Steven
What happened on nov. 30th?
Feast of St. Andrew
What is the newest holy day?
Divine Mercy
Thursday, Friday, & Saturday of Holy Week make up _________________?
Easter Triduum
What is the 1st sunday after the 1st full moon after the vernal equinox?
What is the sunday after trinity sunday?
Corpus Christi
What is the last sunday of ordinary time?
Feast of Christ the King
When did the apostles recieve the Holy Spirit?
What is 40 days before easter?
Ash Wednesday
When did Jesus ascend into heaven?
The Ascension
What is the 1st sunday of the Church year?
1st sunday of advent
What is the saturday before easter?
Holy Saturday/ Easter Vigil
What is 50 days after Easter?
What starts lent?
Ash Wednesday
What is the last week of lent?
Holy Week
What is the friday of Holy Week?
good friday
When do we celbrate Jesus' death?
good friday
What is 40 days after easter?
Ascension Thursday
What is the sunday after the epiphany?
Baptism of the Lord
What is the holiest day of the year?
What season if 4 weeks?
What season if 12 days?
What season is 50 days?