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Death of the first caliph, beginning of the Muslim invasions
634 AD
The Fourth Lateran Council occurred in this year
1215 AD
Charlemagne crowned Holy Roman Emperor
800 AD
Battle of Hastings
1066 AD
The Council of Clermont, at which Pope Urban II preached the idea of Crusade to the nobility of western Europe
1096 AD
Fall of the city of Constantinople to the Turks led by Mehmet II
1453 AD
Capture of Constantinople by the Fourth Crusade
1204 AD
Appearance of the Black Death in 14th Century Europe
1347 AD
Beginning of the Hundred Years' War
1338 AD
Hildebrand becomes Pope Gregory VII
1073 AD
Beginning of the Iconoclast Controversy
725 AD
Beginning of the "Great Schism" between the Eastern and Western Churches.
1054 AD
Pope Gregory XI returns to Rome, ending the papal "Babylonian Captivity" at Avignon.
1377 AD
Last Muslim territorial possessions in Spain conquered by Ferdinand and Isabella
1492 AD
Otto I crowned Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire by Pope John XII
962 AD
Fall of the western Roman Empire
476 AD
Clovis, king of the FRanks, converts to Catholicism
496 AD
Death of Justinian I, emperor of the eastern Roman Empire.
565 AD
Battle of Tours, when the Muslim advance into western Europe was halted.
732 AD
Ravenna, last Byzantine stronghold in Italy, falls to the Lombards
751 AD