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1. Originally developes as a part of Judaism
2. Jesus of Nazareth founder 7 BCE to 30 CE
3. He lived & taught in Palastine
4. Primarily moved among fellow jews
5. became known as Christianity afte the death of Christ
Catholic church
1. Earlist christian church
2. Pope (has all authority)
3. Church as teaching authority
4. Salvation: all are already saved, are still being saved & will be saved in future
7 Sacraments
1. Baptism: infant
2. Confirmation: 12 yrs old
3. Eucharist: 1st communion (age 8)
4. Penance & reconciliation
5. Anointing
6. Holy orders
7. Holy matrimony
Eastern orthodox
1. 2 divisions: Greek & Russian
2. Formed in 1054
3. 7 sacraments mysterion
4. No pope
5. Church can only interpret scripture
6. God's will disclosed through conscience of church (laity involved)
Eastern orthodox continued
1. Aim of every life is Union w/ God by grace
2. Principals of belief in faith
3. Worship of God, in whom lies belief & hope, for salvation
4. Living life so as to serve ones neighbors, especially the least of them
5. The enforcing of a system of order of discipline & admin for it's members
1. reformation in 15th & 16th centuries
2. Led by Martin Luther & John Calvin
3. Use of Old Testament & weekly mass
4. Not all 7 sacraments (No penance, holy orders)
5. Faith based or predestination
6. Lutheran, Calvinism (presbyterian) , Baptist
Church of England
1. Separate reformation (Divorce) (John Wesley)
2. Anglican church
3. King Henery VII wanted to divorce his wife
4. Does not accept pope-Arch Bishop of Canterbury
5. Resulted in Episcopalian, the Methodists & Unitarians