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3. Pneumonia
a. Improper aseptic technique during suctioning
b. Displacement of nasogastric tubes IE putting in the lung rather that the GI
c. Use of H2 blocker/ antacids which kills natural flora and fauna
2. Blood stream infections: SEPSIS
a.improper skin preparation of IV site
b.failure to change IV site when inflammation appears
c.contamination of IV fluids, needles or catheters
d.improper technique during insertion of drug additive in to IV fluids
e.improper care of peritoneal or hemodialysis shunts
f.improper technique when adding stopcocks or connecting tubing to IV fluids
g.use of multiple lumen central venous catheters (central lines)
For Nov19
Covering Inflammation and immune system
1. Surgical Wounds
a. Improper surgical techniques
b. Improper skin preparation before surgery
c. Improper aseptic technique during dressing changes
Urinary Tract Infections
a. Improper insertion of urinary catheter
b. Open or disconnected drainage system or Foley
c. Improper specimen collection technique
d. Obstruction of drainage
e. Reflux of urine into bladder
f. Contamination of catheter or equipment
g. Improper hand washing technique
Nosocomial Infections
Definition - an infection that develops in a health care setting. The infection was not present or incubating at the time of admission to a health care setting